Sunset on Vlasina Lake

June 29, 2015
Contest: Best Sunrise/Sunset Moment
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Sanja Stankov

One of the lake's most famous features are the floating islands, occurring when at high water level loose chunks of peat 0.5 to 2 metres (1 ft 8 in to 6 ft 7 in) thick break off the shore. Driven by the wind, they float from one shore of the lake to another, carrying the flora and fauna, and serving as shelter and a food source for fish. For that reason, they are an attractive target for fishermen. The largest such island has an area of 8 hectares (20 acres), and is referred to as "Moby-Dick" by the local population. It is overgrown with dense vegetation, including birch trees. However, most of the time it is anchored along the shore.

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