October 2, 2015
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Fisnik Islami Male
Tetovo, Macedonia

This photo is shot early in morning on my way back home from Ohrid, I just stopped for a while and captured this photo. I love it because that morning I was so tired ,day ago we climbed the third highest mountain in Macedonia, and i had that will to shot another makro insect. I've used my brothers nikon, because day ago the trip my camera was broken, so I think to win a camera because I need it much . I think I should win not that i need a camera but i like the photo,the reality in the insects life.

Categories: Photography

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Arijan Zallqi   Briliant shot!....Voted 10 and clicked a heart this picture, Can you do the same for me
Thank you in advance.
November 7, 2015 06:18:35 PM UTC
Rashed Rashed   <h2 style="float:left; margin: 0 0 0 12px; ">The Jump Vote</h2> <a style="
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November 3, 2015 02:53:19 PM UTC
Ivica Milosevic   Awesome ^_^ voted 10/10 , please support my work also at:
Thank you and good luck
November 3, 2015 12:08:12 AM UTC
Iliqna Ivanchova   I voted with 10 points, please vote for me too. Good luck:)
November 2, 2015 07:51:24 PM UTC
Dejan Mircevski   I voted 10 for you, please vote for
November 1, 2015 09:38:51 PM UTC
Ivan Malakov   Voted with 10. no. 71. Please vote for my video :
November 1, 2015 09:54:37 AM UTC
Igor Djordjevic   I voted 10 for you (70/10), please vote for me
October 30, 2015 01:04:37 PM UTC
Ivana Ilievska   I voted 10 for you, please vote for my video

Thank you :)
October 29, 2015 01:58:12 PM UTC
Bolemadh Bolevogel   10, please be kind vote back
October 27, 2015 10:19:55 PM UTC
Johnny Anderson   Vote back
October 27, 2015 10:01:10 PM UTC
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