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The Legend

November 30, 2016
contest: Contest for "Best church photo"
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Eduard Andrica

Curtea de Arges Monastery is a romanian orthodox monastery founded in the time of voivode Neagoe Basarab, between 1512 - 1517 and it's part of the famoust "Legend of master Manole". Inside the church, the attention is captured by the mural paintings in oil and especially by the group of the 12 columns representing the 12 Apostles. The mortal remains of romanian kings Ferdinand and Carol I and queens Elisabeth nad Maria rest here as well.

The legend:
“The legend of master Manole”, which is directly connected to the name of Curtea de Arges Monastery, says that the ruler hired the greatest masters to build the place of worship. But all that they had built during the day fell apart during the night. So one night Manole had a dream, showing him that the construction would resist only if he built his wife in one of the walls. The next day, when his wife Ana came to bring him the food, Manole built her in the South wall. When all was ready, Neagoe Basarab was impressed by the beauty of the Monastery, and ordered his servants to take the stairs that leaded to the roof so that the masters could not come down and built a more beautiful church. Then Manole manufactured some sieve wings so he could fly, but he crushed. It is said that a spring, representing Manole’s tears, appeared on the spot where he touched the land. The spring actually exists, and it is near the monastery.

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8 comments from 8 voubsters
Marija Ilic   10
December 26, 2016 07:14:16 PM UTC
Mayur Vadher   very good. 10+
December 24, 2016 05:18:57 AM UTC
Ilia Levkov   Super picture :) 10 points :)
December 21, 2016 12:15:28 PM UTC
Agim Hoxha   10
December 20, 2016 05:25:23 PM UTC
Mihai Penghios   Foarte frumoasa Eduard, felicitari! 10
December 20, 2016 03:28:52 PM UTC
Christine Pillari   Like this 10
December 16, 2016 06:31:45 AM UTC
Cornel Emil   great picture,10
December 4, 2016 08:53:40 AM UTC
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