The Monument of Freedom

April 1, 2018
contest: Best Patriotic Photo 2018
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Мони Матева

The Monument of Freedom (also Shipka Monument) is a monumental sculpture of Mount St. Nicholas. The monument was erected in order to perpetuate the feats of the fallen for the freedom of Bulgaria in the place defended during the Shipka battle, around which the decisive for the Russo-Turkish war and the Liberation of Bulgaria fought in the summer of 1877.
It is a large pyramid-shaped dolomite tower with a height of 31.5 m. Above the entrance of the tower stands a huge bronze lion, 8 meters long and 4 meters high, and the other sides of the tower are marked with the places of the big battles - Shipka , Stara Zagora, Sheynovo. A female figure embodies the victory over the Turkish troops. On the ground floor of the monument there is a large marble sarcophagus, in which part of the bones of the Russian wars and the Bulgarian volunteers are kept. Above it there are four more floors, where are some copies of Bulgarian battle flags and other relics.

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