The old giant

January 11, 2019
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - Environment
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Ageless Giant
Relevance: The Tule tree is known to have the stoutest trunk in the world. Since 2001 it’s on UNESCO tentative list for World Heritage Sites. Based on growth method the tree is dated to be 1433-1600 years old.
There is a legend saying that in past times a rich merchant offered a substantial amount of money to the natives in order to buy the tree and cut it down. Local people refused to do so, realizing that the tree has been standing at this very place for hundreds of years, surviving climate challenges and human threat.
Unfortunately it’s reported that the tree is dying due to pollution and water shortages.
Circumstances: Picture was taken as part of a project aiming to outline the Panamerican citizen, investigating stories and places in the countries through which passes the longest “highway” on Earth – The Pan-American Highway
Picture was taken in Santa María del Tule, Oax., Mexico on 03.09.2017

Categories: Nature Photography

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