The Old Stone Bridge , Prizren

September 4, 2015
contest: Best Bridge Photography Contest
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The Old Stone Bridge , Prizren /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=14408
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Lumbardh River runs through Prizren, which divides the city into two parts , nearly equal . Over Lumbardh Prizren , in the course of history , they raised many bridges but undoubtedly the most special became a symbol of the city is the Stone Bridge . Stone Bridge is located in the old town center. Historical sources do not provide data on the exact time of its construction . On the basis of the material, style , construction techniques , it is assumed that the bridge was built in the late fifteenth century or early sixteenth century. The old bridge was three arc , middle arch was larger , and smaller side arches . In the course of history, the bridge has experienced some changes. Bridge greatest danger came from natural factors. River flows have on 17/18 November 1979 caused the collapse of the bridge as a whole. Prizrenis to tender for the destruction of the bridge was mobilized, according to the project designed by M. Gojkovic, ing., On June 5th, 1982 start work on its reconstruction. The rebuilt bridge was solemnly inaugurated on 17 November 1982. The natural bridge comes into its environment and continues to perform the function of the pedestrian bridge.

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