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The Shaman tree

January 15, 2019
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - People
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Stefan Jovanovic Male

Across Siberia and Central Asia, people have dedicated trees to be special places on the landscape that become the focus for prayer and making offerings. These may be located in a prominent place near a powerful mountain, a crossroads, the site of a spring, a river bank, the clearing in a forest or any location where there is a strong sense of the spirits of the land. These spirits, referred to as Cher Ezed in the Tuvan language, are thought of as masters or owners of these places. The shamans negotiate with these owners or ezed so that their people and the livestock under their care are able to thrive. To ensure that the spirits of nature feel treasured and honoured, the Tuvan people dedicate places on the landscape as places through which the ezed of nature may be honoured.

Once a tree is chosen, the shaman performs a special blessing ritual. This ceremony is done to sanctify the tree as a place for ritual. This ritual dedicates the tree as a place where prayers may be carried directly into the spirit worlds. This is possible as all trees are echoes of the great World Tree that unites the all the realms of the spirits and connects the heavens to Earth. In addition, offerings made at this special shaman tree help to strengthen the spirits of place and support fertility of the land of the livestock, as well as encourage harmony, luck and good health for the people.

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