The woman in the window

October 21, 2018
contest: Best People Photo 2018
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Sebastian Lozada

This is a portrait of my grandparents. After looking at Richard Avedon's work I was truly fascinated and inspired, and I was anxious to follow his steps, so I bought a huge 2x3 m fabric and set up my self to do a project which consisted in making a family album Avedon style (since my other grandmother just died back then and I felt, and still feel, a deep need to get closer to my family). My grandparents where my first participants. At that time I didn't realized what Avedon's work was truly about, It was more than a white background -way more. Right after the session with my grandparents (without having seen the photos yet because I shoot film) I felt a big dissatisfaction, and I was still hungry for a deeper feeling towards my grandparents and the happening session. As we where finished and getting back to the house I stayed behind, by chance, and I glimpsed a scene that gave me a hunch, a real one. So I asked them to just casually stand up there and I took the photo. This photo, in my opinion, is way more surprising and interesting than the Avedon imitation attempt I did before, because it is a photo of my own creativity. The title is from the Fritz Lang movie ¨The woman in the window.¨

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