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39 comments from 34 voubsters
Sara Pavic   Hi, can you vote 10 for me photo! Thanks! :)
October 2, 2015 04:32:11 PM UTC
Olivera Stojanovska   voted 10 & heart, please vote for my photos too:
thank you
October 2, 2015 04:21:55 PM UTC
Irina Mazganski   Amazing photo, voted 10 and you can vote for me here if you want
Cheers! vote number 42
October 2, 2015 02:44:00 PM UTC
Lejla Ibraimoska   I voted for your photos with 10 and added to my fav… please can you vote for my photos and add to favorite <3 Thnx 


October 2, 2015 12:24:37 PM UTC
Borche Todorovski   Hi,I voted 10 for your photo and clicked heart.Please do the same for my photo.Thanks: https://www.voubs.com/photo/The-Eiffel-Dream/05643faf880543f156ccf5409011f508
October 2, 2015 09:13:11 AM UTC
Iva Stamenova   Voted 10! Can you please vote back here https://www.voubs.com/photo/Melanargia-galathea-Shaxmatna-peperuda-/92b268f089f4901c9a023125dcf93e79
Thank you and good luck!
October 2, 2015 09:12:51 AM UTC
Sanja Stankov   Hi, i really like your photo. I voted 10/13 for your photo, would you just check out my photo and if you genuenly like it, just vote for it what you think it deserves https://www.voubs.com/photo/Stradun-street/71a09d035037c2e0aee0476ecab96896
Thank you and good luck!
October 2, 2015 08:25:21 AM UTC
Nikola Tasevski   10 for you! Please vote back https://www.voubs.com/photo/Peace-in-captivity/a3dc0f04a0641489214900bd71af71b9
Thank you in advance :)
October 2, 2015 08:04:56 AM UTC
Belinda Gastarova   10 to you, vote number 12, vote back please if you like my photo
October 2, 2015 06:50:52 AM UTC
Ilia Boyarov   :) Hi, I voted 10 for you, can you please vote back for me!
Thank you,
Ilia :)
October 2, 2015 06:09:07 AM UTC