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December 15, 2015
contest: Social Issues Photography Contest
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Anita Palceska Female

This is a street shot of a campaign for providing pedestrians and bikers proper lanes and possibility to be equal participants in the traffic of our capital Skopje. The statistics were very scary in the past year, when few dozens of pedestrians and bikers got killed by drivers on the streets, and also there were big number of injured, due to improper organized traffic (no bike lanes, no proper walking lanes or if there are they are being used as parking for cars) especially for the more vulnerable groups such as pedestrians (most of all children and elderly citizens) and bikers. Therefore, all over the city were posted these urban art installations to remind drivers that both pedestrians and bikers are equal participants in the traffic and should be giver proper place to travel through the city.

Categories: Fashion Drawing Photography Industrial Design

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Bianca Badala   I voted 10+. Check if you vote me! Thank You:*
February 2, 2016 01:48:29 PM UTC
Plamen Hristov   Voted with 10 :) Can you do the same for us? Thanks! https://www.voubs.com/photo/Nazdrave-Sdjado/e7e320069f4bf53ffa47cf68995af135
February 2, 2016 10:25:23 AM UTC
Mihail Gazdovski   Voted with 10 please vote back https://www.voubs.com/photo/Thru-the-trees/e26ebf957af9a90687ebe9aa6a196903 thanks :) 26/27
February 1, 2016 08:28:04 PM UTC
Лъчезар Инджиев   Hello i vote for you'r photo 10 :) please vote for me :) https://www.voubs.com/photo/Brsnarja-i-klienta-/eb6f8a3710f0b61e1cb63f62bd5ece56
February 1, 2016 08:03:46 PM UTC
Jelena Ivancheva Josie   I voted 10, please vote my new photos. Thank you
January 31, 2016 11:47:12 PM UTC
Katie Spirkovska   Voted with 10, please vote for me too :)
January 31, 2016 01:23:34 AM UTC
Marina Krstic   I vote 10, can you vote 10 for me, plzz, 10x
January 29, 2016 07:00:28 PM UTC
Valentia Mony   already voted on 5 january,check comments here
January 15, 2016 05:28:08 PM UTC
Radoslava Gumzakova   Voted 10 :)
January 6, 2016 07:20:54 AM UTC
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