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Window to the soul

September 15, 2015
contest: Most Beautiful Eyes Online Photo Contest
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Window to the soul /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=15551
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Angelina Ivanova Female

This is Aira. She is so adorable and lovely although she has been left by her previous owners at a dog shelter. We spent that day together, having fun and walking around and the picture represents the look I got from her at the end of the day which was more than enough for me.

Categories: Drawing Family Models Photography Animals and Pets

63 comments from 56 voubsters
Joanna Toncheva   I voted 10/10, please vote for me too :) https://www.voubs.com/photo/The-Arch/58e86d7d0c79e89c38602ccba2ff9949
September 27, 2015 09:49:04 AM UTC
Georgi Kostov   I voted for you 10! Can you vote for me :)
September 26, 2015 03:31:37 PM UTC
Viktoriya Todorova   Hi, I voted for your photo 10/10, could you please vote for me back https://www.voubs.com/photo/My-green-brown-eyes-he-beauty-of-heterochromia/ac8760305e5a0e8237de5096dfc87e91
September 26, 2015 02:28:47 PM UTC
Kristina Tonkova   10 from https://www.voubs.com/photo/Bridge/5d32d19b037ccd545a24c7e01907bcb0 , please vote back
September 24, 2015 08:54:27 PM UTC
ilarion Ilarionov   +10 https://www.voubs.com/photo/GermanyHamburg/4a92035382909be0878f8a77b826e329
September 24, 2015 07:17:31 PM UTC
No User   I voted for you with 10.
Please, vote back for my photos
September 24, 2015 02:28:15 PM UTC
Ivana Ilievska   I voted 10 for you, please vote for my 2 photos
1. https://www.voubs.com/photo/Mysterious-eyes/ef5e9162c9d6eb6eeb510dfd2d4ed38b 2. https://www.voubs.com/photo/Classic-Beauty/98c930098e24510f8ea57e0d0f18ffcd
Thank you
September 24, 2015 09:22:13 AM UTC
Gergana Dimitrova   already voetd
September 24, 2015 08:34:05 AM UTC
Galq Georgieva   10
September 24, 2015 08:15:50 AM UTC
Ivan Stanchev   10!
September 23, 2015 06:33:33 PM UTC
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