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Privacy Policy





With the following terms Foundation „Research Centre For Online Contests” (later on called shortly Foundation RCOC or RCOC), Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, as organizer of the service „Voubs“, offered by the website of the foundation : http://www.voubs.com/, explains what type of personal data RCOC collects about the users of its service, individuals (called later on Users) when those individuals visit the website.

Please, read the policy and make your conscious choice.

Foundation RCOC as organizer of the service has responsibility for you, the users of the service, to protect your personal data, regarding this RCOC would like to present to you the basic points in its privacy policy.


What is personal data and information?

Personal data and information is the information for the individuals and the factual characteristics of an individual which allows him to be identified as an individual – for example: names, gender, place and date of birth or e-mail, nationality, social or educational status, personal phone number and so on.


What type of personal data does RCOC collect?

Foundation RCOC as an organizer of the service collects obligatorily the following data by its users as personal information: names, birth date, address, e-mail, social and educational status and contact phone number.  

Additional personal information with non-obligatory status (in the meaning that the latter is filled in by the users benevolently and after agreement in advance) is collected only by a short number of individuals in specific situations.  


Purpose of RCOC to collect personal data

When offering the service RCOC collects personal information with obligatory status for the users regarding generally the registration, verification and their identification as Registered users of the Service for the purpose of using it.

RCOC collects and processes personal data with the purpose to ameliorate the quality of management of the offered service.

RCOC collects the information, also with the purpose to advertise to the users (after their agreement in advance) other products or services which by its assessment would be interesting for the user.

Rarely RCOC (and after „ad hoc“ agreement in advance by the users) collects and processes additional information with non-obligatory status, for example – personal financial information, but only about special users and only in specific situations, for example:  about users who have won contests organized by the service, and it is only about those who won the first three places and this has only one objective: transferring the money awards on the user’s personal accounts.


Access to the personal data

Besides RCOC as organizer of the service, access to part of the personal data of the users , but only in specific situations in the frame of organized and conducted contest procedures, has other users of the service.  


Processing of the personal data and information by RCOC

 RCOC does not give, share, provide to state bodies or legal entities or individuals, and it does not distribute by any other way the personal data and information of the users of the service, and would not do it in the future besides if the law requires it, if the usage of the service requires it, or if the latter gave agreement in advance for offering the personal data.

RCOC Policy for security when processing personal data

RCOC as an organizer of the service applies the necessary technical and organizational measurements for security in order to protect the personal data of the users and the information from loss, destruction or malicious actions.

RCOC provides storage of the data in a secure operational environment.

RCOC in the future will implement technology for encrypting of the data of the users in the procedure of their registration for the service.


Right of receiving information

 After the request of the users of the service, RCOC provides the information of the latter for the processing of their personal data, including with the purpose to check or change his personal information. 

Deletion of that data 

RCOC allows every user to manually delete all the data from our storage. Just log in to your profile go to your settings and choose "Delete account" button.