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GENERAL RULES for participation in VOUBS contests


1. Subject

   1.1. These General rules (hereinafter referred to as the GENERAL RULES) for participation in VOUBS contests, hereinafter referred to as the „Contest” settle the terms and conditions for participation in any contest organized through VOUBS. The content under the domain www.voubs.com is owned by Foundation “CENTER OF RESEARCH OF ONLINE CONTESTS" (hereinafter referred to as “CROC”) registered under the laws of Republic of Bulgaria, represented by Vasko Alexeev Vassilev, BULSTAT No. 177130515 and Famozzo group Ltd. UIC 203171695, together referred as VOUBS Co.

   1.2. The Contest is conducted in order to find the User uploaded the greatest MEDIA file.

   1.3. The GENERAL RULES constitute a contract between VOUBS Co. and each Participant who has submitted an application for participation in the Contest in the manner described in below. For the avoidance of any doubt, each Participant is obligated under these GENERAL RULES from the time of the application or/and entry in any VOUBS Contest.

   1.4. The official language at VOUBS is "English". Terms and Conditions, Contest rules and communication with VOUBS Co. and/or the Organizer will be through the official contest language.

2. Organizer of the Contest (ORGANIZER)

   2.1.  The Organizer of the contest is a registered User (natural person) or Business (Company) at VOUBS (www.voubs.com/www.voubs.bg)

   2.2.  The Organizer is displayed and publicly visible at the unique contest page of every contest.

   2.3. The Organizer is a legal entity which provides its full company details to VOUBS on its official e-mail for contest management – contests@voubs.com

   2.4 The Organizer is an individual who provides its full personal details to VOUBS on its official e-mail for contest management – contests@voubs.com 

   2.5. The Organizer agrees with the terms and conditions for contest organizers at VOUBS

   2.6. The Participant shall inform and report to VOUBS Co.at its official e-mail for contest management - contests@voubs.com, in case the Organizer is acting  against the terms and conditions for contest organizers.


2a. Intermediary of the Contest (Intermediary)

VOUBS is an independent intermediary between the Organizer and Participants by providing the platform and guaranteeing transparency and reliability for the Organizer and Participants.

Each organizer has the right to add additional own specific rules. Such as intellectual property policy, requirements to the participants, participation restrictions, requirements for the dimensions and size of files, how to claim the award. These or other additional rules should be published on the contest page in the "Short rules" section from the contest organizer. The rules in the “Short rules” added by the organizer have priority over the VOUBS General Rules. Once publicly accessible and approved by a VOUBS administrator, they are considered for accepted and valid for the participants.

VOUBS reserves the right to terminate or change contests in its sole discretion, in case of noticing irregularities in the rules, incorrect organizer or other inconsistencies. In case of terminated contest by VOUBS, no other compensation shall be due to the participants, except the paid sum for entry fee in the corresponding contest, if there was one.

Each participant may submit a complaint from contest or organizer on email: contests@voubs.com

These rules are valid for all participants in voubs.com contests and are publicly available in the page of each contest in the "Rules" section.


3. Period for conducting the Contest (“Contest Period”)

    3.1 The contest is upcoming if published on this page: https://www.voubs.com/online-contests/upcoming

    3.2 The contest is active when published on this page: https://www.voubs.com/online-contests/active

    3.3 The contest is completed when published on this page: https://www.voubs.com/online-contests/completed

    3.4 Additional information for periods such as registration start date, registration end date, voting start date and contest end date is provided and publicly visible at the contest page of every contest. 

    3.5 Registration end date, voting end date and contest end date will be automatically extended by 14 days if there are less than 20 unique participants in any contest. The extension will be done on the same day as the "registration end date". 

       3.5.1 If there are less than 20 unique participants after 5 consecutive period extensions the status of the contest will change to "uncompleted". In that case all the WINGS paid for entry fees will be returned to the users who participated in that contest. 

       3.5.2. A single user with many entries in the same contest counts as one unique participant. 

       3.5.3. The Organizer of the contest has the right to proclaim the contest as "uncompleted" at any time when there are less than 20 unique participants in it. 

4. Participants

   4.1. Participants in the Contest may be: All individuals at the age of at least 14 years for FREE contests and at least 18 years old for PAID contests, who have registration in VOUBS and do not breach any of the conditions indicated in the Declaration of rights and responsibilities of VOUBS.

   4.2. Participant in the Contest (“Participant”) is anyone who is eligible under item. 4.1. and has submitted an application for participation in the Contest within the specified in these GENERAL RULES period.

   4.3. Participants may be restricted to join the contest by:

          - Entry fee requirements. The contest requires WINGS. 

          - Country limitations. The contest may be opened for specific regions only. 

          - Gender limitations. The contest may be opened only for males or only for females.

          - Professional requirements. The contest may be opened for users with past experience. 


5. Conducting the Contest and Entry requirements

   5.1. Conducting the contest

      5.1.1. Every contest is defined by 5 types of licenses which comply with its own preset rules

           a) Standard 

           b) Premium 

           c) Professional 

           d) Custom 

           f) Fun 

      5.1.2 The contest defines as an audio, video, pictures, documents or mixed contest by an icon displayed at the contest page named “Allowed media type”.

      5.1.3. The contest is conducted in 1 or 2 rounds. The contest is conducted in 1 round as the winner is selected only from this round
 The contest may be conducted in 2 rounds under the following conditions:

                   - A number of selected participants with the highest total score results from the 1st round will continue to the second round. The number of participants who will qualify are publicly visible. 

                   - Every participant will automatically qualify from the 1st round to the 2nd round with the same media file. 

                   - There might be 2 different winners in the 2 different rounds or might be only 1 winner for the whole contest. The awards scheme is publicly visible and displayed on the top right of the contest page. 

      5.1.4. Within the registration period (see 3.4) all Participants shall send an appropriate media, related to the contest topic. 

      5.1.5. The participants shall join the contest by clicking over the button on the top right side of the contest page called “Join the Contest”.

   5.2. Entry requirements

       5.2.1 The participants are required to submit their real names, telephone number and e-mail for contact in their VOUBS profile. If a participant has not submitted, provides wrong information or refuses to submit his/her name, telephone number and e-mail for contact, he/she may be disqualified from the contest. (see pt. 13) 

      5.2.2 Every participant shall pay (if required) the entry fee in quantity of WINGS. Every payment is for a single media to participate with. 

      5.2.3 The user participant must be the author and sole owner of the copyrights. You are not allowed to use frames, signatures and watermarks.

      5.2.4. The title of the media must be unique and does not contain special characters. 

      5.2.5. The media file and size requirements to be eligible participant in the contest are published at the contest page. 

6. Voting

   6.1. The winners of the contest are selected by а total score results system. The maximum total score is 100 pts. The highest result at the end of the contest will be announced as the winner;

   6.2. The total score result is a combination of 4 voting components: Jury vote, Public vote, Extra vote and WINGS vote.

   6.3. Every voting component adds points to the total score which is a sum of all components together. 

    6.2.1. Jury vote 

a) The maximum points given by the jury vote is displayed in the media page of every participant.

         b) Each jury member rates from 1 to 10 to his/her favorite entries. If the jury does not vote for a media it automatically gives 0 rating which is the worst possible value. 

         c) The number of jury members is displayed at the contest page

d) The jury will vote only for their favorite entries. 

e) The jury will evaluate and vote independently based on their own judgement experience and knowledge. 

f) The jury will be able to vote only in one of the Rounds if any. Either the 1st round or 2nd round. 

g) The jury may vote at any time when the contest voting period has opened. 


  6.2.2. Public vote 

       a)  Public vote is a combination from average rating, number of votes and number of views.

       b) Each registered user at VOUBS is able to vote on a scale from 1 to 10 for each contest participant. Depending on all the votes the average rating of the media participant is formed. In case the average rating is 10 the media will receive the full number of points given by that component. If lower than 10 it will receive only a share from the maximum result possible.

       c) Every new user vote commit is added to the number of votes of each media participant. The media with highest number of votes received will get the full points given by that component. All the other participants will get only a share from the maximum result possible. 

      d) Number of views can be made by registered and unregistered users. The most popular media with the highest number of views will receive the full number of points given by that component. All the other participants will get only a share from the maximum result possible.

      e) Public votes may be erased from your media at any time if we have deleted, blocked and banned fake registered profiles who have voted for your media (This is an automatic process and is not a subject to any appeals)

    6.2.3. Extra Vote (adds value to your public voting result):

a) Mini booster = 3x user votes with a maximum of a 10 rating at the price of 5 WINGS

b) Best offer = 18x user votes with a maximum of a 10 rating at the price of 20 WINGS

   c)    Mega offer = 90x user votes with a maximum of a 10 rating at the price of 80 WINGS

c) Any user may decide to give extra votes and to promote other participants as well as himself too

d) Extra vote is available to every registered VOUBS user who has WINGS in its personal profile wallet

e) The “Extra vote” button is displayed in the contest page on the top right of every media participant


  6.3. WINGS vote 

   a) WINGS vote gives additional points to your total score result. 

           b) Every registered user has the opportunity to give WINGS vote from 1 to 100 Wings. (1 Wings is at a price of 0.48 euros).

           c) 1 WINGS equals 1 WINGS vote 

           d) The participant with the most WINGS votes for their medium will get the full score from this voting component. All the other participants will receive only a share depending on their number of WINGS votes compared to the leader’s votes

  6.4. Total score

     6.4.1. The total score may vary, increase and decrease during the voting period depending on the media live voting results

   6.4.2 The total score might be publicly visible and shows information such as:

- Points received from average rating

- Points received from number of votes

- Points received from number of views

- Points received from WINGS voting

    6.4.3. The total score of every media participant are displayed at the media page.

    6.4.4. The total score might be publicly hidden and show N/A (not available) for the purposes of the contest. The total score results are hidden if:

              - the contest voting has not started yet

              - the contest voting has started but it`s going through a period of blind judging

    6.4.5. The total score result and the rankings are not updated immediately.

7. Awards

  7.1. The Organizer is responsible for providing and distributing all the awards from the contest

  7.2. The awards from the contest are displayed and publicly visible at the top right of the contest page

  7.3. The awards are non-transferable to third parties.

  7.4. The Organizer is not allowed to change the nature and amount of the awards

  7.5. The manner of receiving the awards will be:

      7.5.1.  Cash awards: up to 30 days after the Participant provides the required personal information for winners:

    a) bank transfer

    b) paypal

    c) other approved by VOUBS Co. payment methods

    d) All transaction fees, taxes or any other costs that may appear for the cash transfer shall be on the account of the user.

      7.5.2. Product awards: up to 30 days after the Participant provides the required personal information for winners

    a) Delivery details

    b) All the costs for the delivery shall be paid by the Organizer

      7.5.3. WINGS awards will be received up to 3 days after the contest ends. 

  7.6. The winners must provide the Organizer and/or VOUBS with their personal bank accounts and personal identification document (passport, ID card or driving license).

  7.7. If the winner does not provide the Organizer and/or VOUBS with the personal details specified in p. 7.5 and/or 7.6 within 30 days, the Organizer will pay the winner with the WINGS value equivalent of the prize cash amount. Once paid in WINGS, the winner will not be able to claim their award in cash;

  7.8. Every participant is allowed to win no more than one award from оne contest. If he/she has more than one media among the winners, the best placed media will be allowed to claim for its award.

  7.9 Relatives are not allowed to win more than one award from this contest. If there are two relatives among the winners the higher placed contestant will have the chance to apply for the award.

  7.10 All participants in the Contest, who do not win awards, shall preserve the copyrights over their images. VOUBS Co. shall not resell or cede their copyrights to third parties.

  7.11. The highest total score results at the end of the contest will be announced as the winners.

  7.12. All the winners will be notified by e-mail or personal message sent to their VOUBS profile.

8. Rights and obligations of the Organizer and Participants

  8.1. For the purpose of participating in the Contest the Participants shall submit a completely new material – media files created specifically for the Contest.

  8.2. By entering the Contest, the Participants understand and agree that upon receipt of an award their names and media/s could be used in audio, print and video materials by the Organizer and/or VOUBS, for which the Organizer and/or VOUBS does not owe any payment.

  8.3. The Participants agree the Organizer or his representative to communicate with them through phone calls, e-mail and SMS messages during the Contest and for a period of six months thereafter. The access to personal data of the Participants serves to establish contact therewith.

  8.4. The Participant is personally liable for the correctness, accuracy and correspondence with these general rules of the data submitted during the Contest. The provided information will be used for the purposes of the Contest and may be disclosed to third parties.

  8.5. The Organizer and/or VOUBS is not liable for MEDIA files which have been lost.

  8.6. The Organizer and/or VOUBS has the right to disqualify any applicant who does not meet the requirements to the Participants and their MEDIA files and Projects, indicated in these GENERAL RULES, or does not follow the regulations of these GENERAL RULES even in case the application of the Participant has been presented on the VOUBS Contest page.

9. Intellectual Property Rights

  9.1. Until the determination of the winner of the Contest the Participants undertake not to transfer and make available to third parties copyrights over the MEDIA files, arising under the Law on Copyright and Related Rights.

  9.2. Unless otherwise stipulated in the specific contest rules, by accepting the current GENERAL RULES, the Contestant agrees that, in case s/he is the award winner, all copyrights over the MEDIA files arising under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, remain the property of the Organizer. After receiving the Prize, the MEDIA files of the Winners become property of the Organizer and the Organizer receives the rights and may use the MEDIA files of the Winner in 3-years period of time including selling and licensing the MEDIA files to third parties and clients without paying any compensation to the Winners. The Organizer may also use the MEDIA files in exhibitions. For that purpose the Organizer may change and alter the MEDIA files, put them in frames etc. The Organizer can sell them/the MEDIA files/ in any altered condition.

  9.3. The Participant is entitled to change and alter the provided MEDIA files by sending a request to us.

  9.4. With presenting the MEDIA files, the Participant declares that he is the sole author of the files and that the MEDIA file is his original work. The Participant declares that he is the sole holder of the copyright and that the latter does not include trademarks or other intellectual property rights of a third individual or corporation.

  9.5. By applying to participate in the Contest the Participants declare that they have accepted these GENERAL RULES.

  9.6. The participant shall indemnify the Organizer:

   9.6.1. At any claims by third parties relating to the rights and use of the MEDIA files, provided to the Organizer, under these GENERAL RULES as well as in case of damages incurred to the Organizer as a result of the acquisition and use of the МЕDIA.

   9.6.2. The Participant shall indemnify the Organizer and all third parties for all damages and lost benefits, including paid fines, for all costs and paid legal fees, that have occurred as a result of claims by and/or compensations paid to third parties in connection with his participation in the Contest in violation of the applicable law and these GENERAL RULES

10. Limitation of Liability

  10.1. By accepting these GENERAL RULES the Participant declares that his participation in the Contest is entirely at his own risk and responsibility. The Organizer and/or VOUBS shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Participant in participation in the Contest, unless they are caused intentionally. The Organizer and/or VOUBS shall not be liable for the type, nature and content of the sent by the Participants media files, information and materials. The Organizer is entitled to remove from participation MEDIA files of a Participant the content of which contradicts a legal act, the morality and/or decency.

  10.2. VOUBS Co. shall not be liable for failure to provide participation in the Contest under circumstances beyond his control - cases of force majeure, fortuitous events, problems in the global Internet network and other unforeseeable circumstances beyond a control.

11. Limitations

   11.1. VOUBS Co. has the right to immediately and without notice suspend, or limit the participation of a Participant and remove from participation a Participant when the latter acts contrary to law, these GENERAL RULES, morality and decency.

   11.2. In the above cases VOUBS Co. shall not be liable for any damages and lost profits of the Participant or third parties that have occurred as a result from limiting the participation of a Participant in the Contest.

   11.3. Where there is enough reason to assume that the act of the Participant could constitute a criminal offense, VOUBS Co. shall refer the matter to the competent state authorities, providing all necessary information and materials that would help identifying the perpetrator and prove the committed crime.

  11.4. In the circumstances under the previous article, in case to a Participant a limitation has been imposed – suspension, limitation of the participation or removal of the published MEDIA files, the restriction shall continue to be in effect until clarifying the facts of the case.

12. Supplementary provisions

  12.1. Questions regarding the Contest can be addressed to the following e-mail address: info@voubs.com or through "Contact us" page at www.voubs.com or directly send a personal message to the Organizer`s profile at VOUBS

  12.2 These GENERAL RULES are available and publicly visible at voubs.com and at every contest page

  12.3. By participating in this Contest, the Participants are bound by these GENERAL RULES and undertake to comply with them.

  12.4. By participating in the Contest, all Participants agree that the Organizer is entitled to use their materials for his own promotional purposes, exhibition, calendars and catalogue. 

  12.5 Any materials involved in competitions cannot be deleted or removed from the contest page on a request from the Participant. All media participants will be only removed as soon as the contest is deleted by the Organizer or VOUBS.

  12.5. In order to receive his/her award, the Winner must be verified. This is done by sending a personal identification document and a personal bank account number. Awards can be sent only to the person who is an award winner in the Contest. If the person of age is under 18 years, he/she is required to present a parent/guardian to receive the amount of the cash award. The Winner must indicate a bank account to which the amount of the award to be paid. The amount of the award shall be paid within 30 working days after VOUBS Co. obtains the necessary information about the user. All fees, deductions and taxes that may result from the transfer of the amount shall be borne by the user.

13. Disqualification and/or ban may appear at any time if:

  13.1. The participant is using more than one account

  13.2. The participant has submitted a MEDIA file that is not on the theme of the contest

  13.3. The participant is suspected to cheat with fraudulent votes

  13.4. The participant is not using his/her real names and personal details

  13.5. The participant has submitted a MEDIA file with copyrights of a third party

  13.6. The participant is behaving arrogant against other users, organizers or VOUBS team   

  13.7. Disqualification is not a subject to any appeals. 

  13.8. Disqualified participants do not have the right to ask for a return of their WINGS

  13.9 Disqualified has provided wrong information under 5.2.1.

These GENERAL RULES shall enter into force on 14.07.2017


VOUBS – The place for online contests where organizers and participants meet to expand their network, improve their brand or skills, and make their own contest history. 

Contest page – Every contest at VOUBS has a unique URL address and we call it contest page. All the information about the contest is displayed and publicly visible there. 

Free contest – This is a contest that do not require entry fee to join.

Paid contest – This is a contest that requires an entry fee to be paid to join.

User – Registered user at VOUBS

Participant – A registered VOUBS user who has joined a contest.

Media – File uploaded in a contest

Media page – The unique URL page with the file uploaded

WINGS – VOUBS own virtual currency used for easier website transactions

official e-mail for contest management – contests@voubs.com

blind judging – voting when you don`t know the name of the participant

total score – the highest total score is always the leader in the contest

jury voting – one of the voting components which is an average value from all the jury members selected

average rating – this is the average rating received by user voting

number of votes – this is the total number of votes received for a media

number of views – total number of views received by a media

WINGS voting – total number of WINGS vote given to a media

Unique participant - A single user participating in a contest