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The Art of Photography Covered by 47 Contest Subjects


You see, photography is all around us these days. It has made a way so deeply into our daily lives that it is now eligible to be considered as a cult to a god.


We use it to snapchat, “share” our food, make funny photos of our feet and hands, and capture slipping time with friends and family but photography is employed in many more fields. Its presence became not only wanted but indeed needed to best express ourselves. Thus, it is explainable why we needed to create a single place where photographers could share their passion and achievements or find common interests in this category that offers 47 subcategories, mentally separated into 5 modes of production.


  1. 1.      Hobby Photography;
  2. 2.      Commercial Photography;
  3. 3.      Art;
  4. 4.      Photojournalism;
  5. 5.      Science and Forensics.


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Do You Need to Be a Professional to Win?


Being a professional photographer is not a mandatory condition. For a more accurate targeting of professional groups that could join, though, VOUBS allows contest hosts to set the minimum required level of expertise for their competition that they prefer to be covered by the contestants.


What really matters though if you would like to win is to enter in contests with genuine photographs that comply with the rules and meet the subject, then again you should possess the full copyrights for that product. Hence, if you are willing to invest your creativity, time and skills into an art that deserves the gold, we don’t know of a reason that could be stopping you to begin forthwith!


How Can You Land the Perfect Shot?


Use these 7 tips to make your photos better, if you are wondering how to start or you want  advice.


  1. 1.      Figure what your photo will be all about. Ditch everything that is not necessary.
  2. 2.      Create photos with focus on the simple but strong sides of your objects. Use contrasting colours, long-shutter speed for movements or create a sense of scale.
  3. 3.      Improvise with the positioning. Don't necessarily center your photo.
  4. 4.      Create depth with foreground and background objects.
  5. 5.      Think about a way to create the elements of your photo mentally. It could be a river or a line… 
  6. 6.      Show a different point of view. Don’t go with the ordinary.
  7. 7.      Choose light carefully. Go with the sunrise or the sunset, with shades and clouds, but not with the harsh light.

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