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Music performance


What Is the Meaning of the Music Performance Discipline?


The main drive that guided us toward the creation of this category was our belief that there are a lot of talented musicians that seek their chances for glory and there they are the sound and recording studios, the music scouts and the companies that need artists for their sounds and music campaigns. This explains why we’re sending our contest scouts to look for musical competitions from all over the world, in order to guarantee that many of those connections are actually made.


Devoted to our mission, we have divided this discipline into additional subcategories to cover a whole range of interests and genres, going from the 50s to 00s with:


  • ·        Jazz, Blues, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, Soul
  • ·        Opera, Classical
  • ·        Pop, Latin, Dance, Folk, Country, Indie
  • ·        Electronic, Beatbox, Lipsync, Karaoke, Instrumental
  • ·        … and many more you could see once you log into your account and browse the full list


Do You Need a Music Performance College Degree to Enter?


Our only condition to enter in any of our competitions, hosted on VOUBS, is to have a registered account and to comply with the general rules of the website and the rules of the contest you’re entering. From there on it’s the true talent that will get you the winner’s prize in any of the contests here or even a contract with a music label to give your career a flying start.


Can Companies Look for Talents Here?


Businesses, filmmakers and companies are welcome to host competitions in order to find music artists that will sign a contract with them, depending on how they rank. If your marketing or recruiting team puts enough time and efforts into this, you could have a running competition in no time and at a minimum cost, that will help you find the right guy to write a song, add sound effects or solo your TV campaign’s jingles & drops.


Add a competition, that is located on your website, or use the "Create contest” button on our homepage to go live on our platform. If you have any questions, contact us right away and reach to a maximum number of musicians!