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Graphic Design


What Can Graphic Design Offer You Today?


Graphic design lives its’ life ever since time immemorial. Although in a much different concept than today’s, artefacts show that even the ancient Egyptians have used this visual communication to advertise services and people on their buildings and manuscripts. Quite naturally, graphic design, even though it lays on the same foundations of mixing text, symbols and images, has developed substantially in today’s time to cover a whole set of subcategories and professionals.


Currently, our database offers to unite designers and online contests that have a common connection with:


  • Game Design, Web Design, Mobile Design, Social Media Design;
  • Illustration, Logo Design, Infographics, Banner Ads;
  • Print Design, T-Shirt Design, Book Covers & Packaging;
  • Character Design, Typography, Vector Tracing, Icon Design;
  • Editing.


Are You Eligible to Join and Win a Graphics Contest?


Let’s take a quick quiz to find out if you’re worthy to become a top contestant. Find and answer these next couple of questions and if you answer positively to most of them, then the answer should be more than clear.


  1. Do you have a personal, registered account on VOUBS?
  2. Do you want to see your creativity in action?
  3. Do you consider yourself creative?
  4. Would you like to gain international experience, along with prizes for your efforts
  5. Can you turn your thoughts and ideas into a visual representation?
  6. Are you ready to do it now, not later? 


You do know what to do next. Graphic design contests need you!


Having Concerns About VOUBS?


Our platform is making it amongst the top names in the online competition holders, but there is one significant advantage with us. While most platforms offer you to compete for money or other prizes in a single area, we offer you to join in hundreds of thousands of active competitions from all over the world in more than 30 different categories.


What’s more is that we have contests organized here or submitted from external links to additionally provide more opportunities and display every possible chance for winning to our database of more than 110,000 users. To make you feel secure with us, every competition hosted on VOUBS is personally approved by our representatives and we guarantee that you will receive the prizes, announced by the host.


If you still hesitate, contact us at our e-mails and we will respond to all of your questions!