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Industrial Design


Which Industrial Design Fields Are Included?


In this category, you can find online competitions from companies and individuals that are in demand of ideas and designs from people specializing in:


  • ·        Costume Design;
  • ·        Textile Design;
  • ·        Toy Design;
  • ·        Product Design;
  • ·        Exhibition Design;
  • ·        Automotive Design;
  • ·        Furniture Design.


If you are an industrial designer or a person, well familiar with the basics of this industry, looking for a challenge to take, then browse through all of our active contests in the discipline and enter in those which are closest to your interests and skills.


What Is Expected of You as a Designer?


In our contests, as well as outside of them, as an industrial designer, you will be responsible for the satisfaction of the requirements coming from the people who you will be working with, in terms of producing a design for their products. This will often require you to show bright skills and knowledge of marketing and sales campaigns, to work closely with the management department, and to have at least a basic awareness for physical ergonomics, sustainability, usability, forms and function of the product.


Only after you make sure the above-mentioned is within your expertise, you could start applying your creativity and scientific decision-making to create a design that will be commercially and aesthetically appealing.


Do You Need to Be a Professional to Enter in a Contest?


Each competition, hosted on VOUBS, has a requirement to set the level of expertise contestants who enter must possess. VOUBS considers that it isn’t about whether you have a specific experience, but whether you have the right means and attitude to create the right project. Yet again, the final decision is to be taken by those who host industrial design contests, so make sure you visit the contest page of each competition you find interesting to check if you comply with the requirements and the rules.


As a mediator between businesses in search of designers and the designers themselves, we are witnessing many cases of people without educational background becoming the top winners in a contest when they put all efforts to create the ultimately best entry project. Thus, motivate yourself and enter now to become the next legend!