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What Kind of Writing Is in Demand on VOUBS?


A good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader. You should be able to create the feeling of getting rained upon, not only make the reader note the fact it’s raining. It is that type of writer that our community needs for personal, business or other necessities. If you are a writer who knows how to twist words and minds, then find and join contests relating to:


  • ·        Short Stories;
  • ·        Poetry, Essays, Biography and Novels;
  • ·        Game Books;
  • ·        Fairy Tales;
  • ·        Translation, Proofreading or Transcription;
  • ·        Storyboarding;
  • ·        Copywriting;
  • ·        Expository, Persuasive, Narrative, Descriptive writing;
  • ·        Comedy, Drama, Romance, Adventure, Fantasy, Tragedy, Crime, Mystery, Mythology, Legends.
  • ·        Calligraphy;


How to Write a Good Story?


A good story requires time and inspiration. There isn't a golden rule of what to do to generate a text that wins, but two simple principles should be followed. One is to always find time to write and never give up because writing is what makes the good writing. You can start and eventually, ideas might come but if you never choose to begin, words won't appear alone. The second principle is to never stop reading. Read and use as many information sources as possible, because inspiration could come from anywhere.


If the good writing has a secret though it would be to find your inner self and how you position your character in time. What this means will become clearer once you understand this, “The good writing is to say an old thing in a new way or to say a new thing in an old way.


Give writing a try. If you come up with a good story it would be great, if not – throw it in the garbage can and try again.


VOUBS Is Expecting You


We are adding dozens of new competitions each day so you can enjoy many and different opportunities to show your skills and earn prizes in return. Join our community now by becoming a regular user and by participating in contests and jury teams or host your own competition to achieve a goal with the help of others!