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What Is Important About Filmmaking?


Filmmaking is an extensive process that involves a large number of people into a large number of stages, undertaken in order to create and release a finished video product. To generate such product, an initial story should be designed first by an idea or a commission, that would need a screenwriting, then appropriate actors should be selected and the recordings could finally be made. But the job is not yet done, since the editing phase is still to be done, after which the film could be released to a broad audience. With that many steps to walk, it is reasonable to consider that it could take anywhere from a couple of months to several years to finish.


To make the overall process smoother, the presence of many skilful individuals is essential. VOUBS recognizes this necessity and provides a medium for the people standing on both sides of the same line. In other words, we have designed the Films category to meet the filmmakers, directors and producers with actors, screenwriters, movie editors, sponsors and others through online contests they can host here.


If you dreamed of becoming part of the movie industry, find the best online competition for you and participate!


What Kind of Movies Can You Submit?


To additionally aid the process of searching and targeting the appropriate target groups, we are allowing hosts to organize their online competitions under the following subcategories:


  • ·        Short Films;
  • ·        Comedy;
  • ·        Drama;
  • ·        Action;
  • ·        Romantic;
  • ·        Crime;
  • ·        Thriller;
  • ·        Documental;
  • ·        Family;
  • ·        Sci-Fi;
  • ·        Musical;
  • ·        Mystery;
  • ·        Sport;
  • ·        Horror;
  • ·        Animations.


What this means is that you may choose an area of specialization and indicate it on your profile to receive personalized notifications for a content you may be interested in. You will also notify other people about your expertise, thus allowing people from the industry contact you with specific requests.


Log into your account now, edit these preferences and let filmmakers and producers find you!