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What Kind of Other Competitions Can You Find on VOUBS?

In case a competition doesn’t follow the outline of any of our themed categories, then rest assured you can find it here. Whether it would be a contest to create the best spell for cords detaching and aura cleansing or one about programming, at this place you could do regular checks and keep yourself informed.

How Can You Enter?

Entering in these or any other contests is done after you log in a registered account with correctly filled personal data. After that, you find the perfect match for your skills and interests, then visit its' contest page to learn what are you required to accomplish to enter and compete. Depending on whether you're looking at a contest hosted on VOUBS or submitted from an external source, the join button will lead you to an internal page or an external website, where you can participate.

Are These Contests Guaranteed to be Safe for You?

Each contest that is added to our system gets personally revised by an administrator to check for a content or requirements that are either illegal or morally indecent and not in compliance with our general rules. Moreover, all hosts on VOUBS are required to guarantee the prizes that they announce on the contests, thus VOUBS takes care of your interest and you remain calm that you will claim your prize hassle-free.

If these answers steal leave you puzzled, don’t hesitate to reach us by e-mail or byphone. Contact us any time and we will make the concerns you have go away!