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What’s the Advertising Category on VOUBS?

A knowledge base. A professionalism source. Ideas generator.

In common words, it’s a place to unite what is most important in advertising today with an idea, product
or service, thus producing an appealing content to draw the attention of potential customers to a
specific object.

A category best fitted, useful and mutually beneficial for:

1. Professionals serving persuasive and innovative PR masterpieces and;
2. Businesses or freelancers looking for multiple different and successful approaches to reach
clients and redeem a higher ROI.

If you are either of the two, join or host your contest now!

Wondering What Type of Contests Are Held Here?

Supreme worldwide competitions with relation to digital or real world promoting campaigns.

Find multiple options for your marketing strategy, if you are a business, or unleash your marketing
powers and earn prizes, if you are a freelancer. Whatever the case, choose between the subcategories
below to find the most suitable for you:

  • Branding:

Locate everything from A to Z regarding the marketing practice of creating a name and
identifying a specific product, service or a company. This includes, but is not limited to,
brainstorming of names, slogans, designs, symbols, ideas or any other similar objects;

  • Video, Content and Influencer Marketing:

Cheers to all of you Instagramers, YouTubers, Vloggers, Bloggers, Copywriters and so on. Use
your fame and glory to profit from your little online venture, helping businesses profit from you
Internet presence;

  • Broadcasts:

“We interrupt this broadcast to inform you that VOUBS is now providing an ultimate place to
employ broadcast scriptwriters, to find radio stations, TV shows or other ways to advertise
through audio or video distribution”;

  • Events:

Find people to give you an idea for a theme party, to lend you a helping hand or to create
specific materials for your occasion. You can of course be on the opposite side and be that

  • Presentations, Message Displays and Reviews:

A subcategory in which businesses and freelancers get most creative. Write a script on a coconut
or require a 50-slides presentation on a history subject.

Nine different categories at your disposal. Filter them now one by one and find out what is trending.