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Awards ceremony


What Kind of Awards Ceremonies Can Be Held on VOUBS?


Each year more than 150 global award ceremonies are held covering fields from nearly every aspect of people’s lives. The particular categories at which people with special achievements in them are being honoured and awarded include subjects related to:


  • Sports organizations and NSAs;
  • Photography, filmmaking, animation;
  • Painting, acting, music, dancing and other performances;
  • Healthcare & Wellness, Ecology;
  • Peace, literature, physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine;
  • Almost any other field, known to have an impact on people’s lives.

In fact, VOUBS personally recognizes the necessity of annual awards by being one of the first to host an annual awards ceremony for photographers held in Bulgaria.


Why Organizing Annual Competitions on VOUBS Brings Advantage?


Annual competitions stimulate the most engaged people with a certain cause or goal to stay motivated and keep on pushing their limits to achieve more. This in return may help a particular group, local place, organizations, countries or even the whole mankind.


What VOUBS does here is that it can provide the means for the full awards ceremony to be organized and held successfully. This covers everything from the competition organization, through the jury team assembling, the voting stage, the ceremony itself and of utmost importance – providing a specific target group that can be reached and that can quickly learn about the ceremony and participate.


How to Participate


 Participation could  be possible for invitation-only participants or it could require peopleto perform specific actions or to accomplish certain goals in a given time to enter, as it is in most cases.


Usually, you will be able to join in any contest visualized on this page, both for VOUBS contests or external competitions, through a JOIN button, which will lead you to the contest’s page where to learn more about the requirements, details, awards and applicable fees.


Annual competitions can add great value to your brand, name or product. Look now for the right place where your ideas will be noticed and accordingly appreciated!