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What Architectural Fields Are Included as Contest Categories?


VOUBS is the flagman of all online contest platforms to ever gather and create competitions from all over the world in a singular group, entirely related to architecture. An architecture of organizations, structures or any other abstract concepts. Our meaning of the architectural world is not strictly related to planning, designing and construction of buildings, but to any area where this terminology is actually valid.


With a little research, we’ve put up the most associated fields in the following subcategories:


  • Information Architecture;
  • Residential Architecture;
  • Commercial Architecture;
  • Exterior Design;
  • Green Design;
  • Landscape Architecture;
  • Urban Design;
  • Industrial Architecture;
  • Business Architecture;
  • Cognitive Architecture;
  • Computer Architecture;
  • Naval Architecture.


Do You Need to Be an Architect to Participate?


Not necessarily.


This is a decision that altogether depends on the demands of the host organizing the contest. We’re setting 3 levels of expertise, where certain competitions can be open for amateurs, professionals or anyone who wants to participate and share an idea and enter in a contest, complying with its’ general rules.


By all means, we are welcoming you to subscribe to this category and make regular checks for active contests, if you are feeling passionate about this world. Contests here could require anything from photographic a specific building to developing a master plan for a building or an information technology system. You don’t have to possess a specific license, but you have to prove yourself worthy to win the first place.


How to Host a Contest and Find an Architect for Your Project?


You merely have to enter in your account and use the Create Contest feature on our home page. Set the rules and terms, set a level of expertise and a field and launch your project seeking help or attraction of the attention from more than 100,000 users in an instant!


If you’re a business looking for brand awareness or have a specific request, contact VOUBS with details and we will set everything up for you, charging nothing for the creation itself!


Build your contest now!