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What Does It Take to Be a MasterChef?


To be a well-known, world-class figure in the culinary branch, you will need much more than a local recognition and friends’ assessments. You will have to obtain a regional acknowledgement at the most minimum, trustworthiness and a solid proven experience with participation in numerous events or work in different cuisines and restaurants. Things standing at just the tip of the iceberg.


What may be unknown or at least not clearly visualized is that behind many of the greatest culinary artists, a lot of efforts, time and money invested are used to build strong foundations for their dreamed career. Of course, talent is the main ingredient for this recipe.


It may sound hard to achieve but it isn’t impossible. Most of the issues, VOUBS can address and help you overcome them. Keep reading to learn how and why!


This Is Your Contest Hub, If…

  • You are looking to gain experience with certain cuisines or different recipes;
  • You are looking for ways to convert your culinary art into cash or prize income;
  • You need to obtain recognition worldwide and want people from all walks of life assess you and give you feedback;
  • You want to meet other chief cooks and learn from them;
  • You want to receive proposals for culinary events, work or business partnerships;
  • You want to find expert cuisiniers for your restaurants;
  • You want to have fun while doing what you love.
  • If these things are giving you hope you can achieve what you are aiming at, then start applying for all the prizes that are awaiting you by entering in our active contests now!


What Kind of Appetizing Work Can You Submit?


In general, it may be a recipe, a photograph of a cooked meal, a video of you cooking or anything related to any of our 13 culinary subcategories, which include:


1.      Soups


2.      Salads


3.      Desserts


4.      Main Dishes


5.      Pasta


6.      Pizza


7.      Drinks


8.      Sandwiches


9.      Snacks


10.   Fast Food


11.   Breakfast


12.   Lunch


13.   Supper


Enough categories for you to show your ultimate talent or find one. The exact requirements in terms of accepted work, you can find on the contest page of each active competition here.