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Interior Design


Modern Interior Design Ideas and Inspiration


Is what the contemporary interior designers are expected to promote amongst the living generation. VOUBS is constantly reaching to interior designers and design companies that are looking for ideas, trainees or marketing campaigns, in order to provide fresh and captive online contests in this category.


As a junior interior designer or an established and experienced one, you can take part of competitions that would guarantee you mind-blowing cash prizes and much more, if you prove that you’re the best in any of the following subcategories:


  • ·        Modern Design;
  • ·        Contemporary Design;
  • ·        Minimalist Design;
  • ·        Industrial Design;
  • ·        Mid-Century Modern Design;
  • ·        Scandinavian Design;
  • ·        Traditional Design;
  • ·        Transitional Design;
  • ·        French Country Design;
  • ·        Bohemian Design;
  • ·        Rustic Design;
  • ·        Shabby Chic Design;
  • ·        Hollywood Glam Design;
  • ·        Coastal Design;
  • ·        Baroque Design; or
  • ·        Retro Style.


How to Make Your Home Design Concepts Top Trending?


Or, in other words, what does it take to make it from a friends-only recognized designer to a top-notch artist who is always in demand? Here are the most important things from "Interior Design 101”.


To become the author of many groundbreaking projects and innovative products, you have to lay the foundations on which you’re stepping. This means you have to know more to boost your creativity. Make sure that all interior design books and magazines are in your possession, read all you can, learn whatever and whenever and experiment! On VOUBS you will find multiple online contests that allow you to join and the quickest solution to conquer the prize is to look at the current highest rated contestant and do better.


Once you gain enough experience, people will start to recognize you and reach directly to you. But in the meantime, start looking for an active interior design competition and enter today, so you can win tomorrow!


What Does VOUBS Give You?


Simplicity. Quick and efficient way to popularize yourself. Guaranteed prizes that could make your times your income. A place to market yourself, find partners and use as a portfolio.