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What Makes a Good Painter?


There is a great difference between people whose paintings look pleasing and good painters. While the first type knows how to mix colours and shape forms in order to attract the eye and reach aesthetics in their artworks, the really good artists are quite familiar with their strengths and weaknesses, thus they get a good grip of these strong sides to specialize in a specific field and produce only masterpieces. Since VOUBS managed to organize more than 32 different subcategories of the painting discipline, we can now present online competitions from each of them to truly showcase your skills. Get a glimpse of what you can find as contests about:


  • ·        Abstract Art;
  • ·        Surrealism;
  • ·        Conceptual Art;
  • ·        Pop Art;
  • ·        Portraits;
  • ·        Landscape;
  • ·        Caricatures;
  • ·        Impressionism;
  • ·        … and 24 others waiting for you to browse them.


What Can You Achieve by Joining in Online Painting Contests?


It’s fully understandable that as a painter you would like to find an audience for your masterpieces, that will prove the time and efforts invested were worth it. Sticking to the praises of your friends and family is not that bad, but having an unlimited reach to international admirers sounds far better, doesn’t it? As a bonus, you could win some money on the way, while you’re having people cherish your artwork, and that would definitely help you do more of what you love and do it better. Since contests that could provide you with that are already on our platform, the only thing separating you from that dream is your entry. If you don’t have an account already, create one and join in one or more competitions forthwith!


Inspire Yourself and Others


If you want to help young artists to stay true to this art, you can make your own contest in whichyou will see visions of others and may motivate them by putting a generous cash prize or another useful award. You could also help the community by applying for a jury member which will allow you to vote and assess the entries of contestants who compete in contests. You get the chance to make a change and in return get paid for that, as we promote such behaviour. Double the pleasure, so go straight ahead to the login section and learn more from the pages in our footer!