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6 Fashion Trends You Can Follow on VOUBS


Fashion is a term that originates back from the days when the European culture first began flourishing. People from this epoch gradually became wealthier and this led to an impact on fashion. Ever since many fashion icon's names have appeared and trends have changed, but there is one thing that won't be changing anytime soon. It is what is fashion all about and what's more – it is what you can find and follow here in this category. It is every piece of information or online competitions related to clothing and footwear, lifestyle products, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body. But a good fashion could never go without a proper visualization, thus modelling is another important asset to this story.


Whenever you want to learn about the latest events, trends and fashion competitions, visit our fashion category and take part in what’s here!


How to Win a Fashion Competition?


If you are passionate about the fashion industry and you are making your way through it, there is a chance you could become more famous and perhaps even richer. In this discipline, we are gathering competitions from all over the world for models, designers, fashion artists or followers to enter.


Being human, it is in our nature to seek challenges and conquer, hence your desire to be on top of each competition is natural. Doing so could easily be achieved in 5 simple steps:

  1. 1. Go through all active and open for registration fashion contests that appear in this category.
  2. 2. Choose 1 or more topics that you’re most familiar with, then visit their contest pages.
  3. 3. Carefully read all of the provided information about rules and prizes.
  4. 4. Prepare a killer project to enter with, join using the respective button and…
  5. 5. Popularize your entry so more people could see it and help you win the contest!


What Opportunities Do You Have?


Apart from the obvious ones, which allow you to win cash or material prizes, earn awards in notable competitions and reach to more people, raising global awareness, there are many chances where you could inspire yourself for something bigger, you could become a fashion icon or you can find partners or sponsors.


This category is also appropriate for companies and businesses that want to reach to people from the industry since it allows a worldwide contact in a short time and with costs kept at a minimum!


If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate, send us a mail today!