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What Kind of Sculpting Competitions Can You Find Here?


Assuming that you’re either an artist who makes sculptures or an amateur who has a few hobby projects, but is keen on that 3-dimensional branch of the visual arts, and you probably know that sculptures could basically be identified by:


1.      The type of the materials used for the creation: It could be bronze, stone, wood, ivory, clay, wax, sand, glass or ice.


2.      The technique applied during the sculptural processes: Carving and modelling are one of the eldest and most common techniques but nowadays sculptures could also be made by moulding, welding, chiselling and casting.


Having in mind that separation of sculptures, here on VOUBS we are grouping online contests related to sculptural processes mainly by the type of the materials used because the technique could greatly vary from an artist to artist and is a subject of personal experience and beliefs.


How Can You Show Your Work?


In case you’re interested in drawing attention to your projects, skills and personality, you could use our functionalities to participate in existing competitions on our website or host your own ones to find associates and promote your art.


If you choose to enter into any active contest, you will be required to provide audio, video, image or documentation materials, in conjunction with the contest requirements. This could involve a photograph of your sculptures, a video or an audio where you visualize and describe what does your creation represent.


Creating a contest, on the other hand, could be used to draw attention to you as people will be interested in knowing who has organized the event and what does he have in common with the subject. This method is easy to follow and requires a few simple steps to be completed, once you use the “Create contest” feature in the upper corner of our homepage.


Increase Your Chances of Success


By following these tips:


  • ·        Make regular checks for new contests and join them on time.
  • ·        Fill in all personal details in your profile. People could find you and contact you with proposals.
  • ·        Create your own blog section where you can post updates about you.
  • ·        See if there are any open spots for jury members in the sculpture discipline.
  • ·        Promote your entries or any media you’ve added to your account.
  • ·        Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about upcoming contests.