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Personal Cause

Personal cause contests

Want to start a personal cause, but do not know how? Look for appropriate competitions or create your own at the VOUBS platform. Attract followers, win them for your idea. Sign up and take part in a personal causes with noble purpose and you can help other people.

The cause is an idea, by which poses significant purpose, for the solution of a serious problem in society. The implementation of such a problem is related to the mobilization of many people, requires serious organization, complete dedication, hard work and commitment till achievement of the objectives.

You have talent and want to use it to showcase a project, by which you would like to help? Join now at various projects on the website and you can win. In the discipline you will find the right project for you, in which you can participate and do good. VOUBS is the place where you publish all online contests, through which anyone can submit their personal ideas for the benefit of society.

Charity is the act of donating money, goods or time to people in need. Most forms are related to the provision of basic needs such as food; water; clothing; health care; shelter. Others such as visiting orphanages; free education; social movements. Donations to fund research for cancer diseases, may also be called charity. Everybody who wants to share similar events can do it now. Register and participate.

If you enjoy helping people or your business is linked in some way to solving a particular purpose. Here is the discipline in which you can participate or publish online video, photo and text on the subject. If you want participants from around the world to learn about your noble purpose, you only need to post the information on our innovative platform. What you need is to have unique footage or videos related to the topic. Explore current and upcoming events on the topic and sign up to participate.

How to create your own project?

If you want to launch your own online project to do good, here is the right place. Within an hour you can now have ready up and running competition, which will be published in this discipline. Suitable for organizations, companies or individuals who seek to help or solve certain personal causes.

Competitions with entry fees, prizes and cash donations. Using the already established and developed VOUBS rules, you not only run your own contest within minutes, but you get access to all already registered users on the platform.