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What Contests Can You Find in This Category?


VOUBS dedicates a special place to animation and related genres, as well as people who are involved in its’ creation or application.


It is ever since the dawn of animation until now, since a visible progress can be noticed in the course of which different types of this art has differentiated. Some of them are well-known and often used, some are not. However, we’re incorporating all of them into common groups, part of several subcategories. They include:



  • Animated Explainers;
  • Whiteboard Videos;
  • Animated Logos;
  • Animated Films
  • Cartoons;
  • Computer Animations;
  • Motion Graphics.


7 different areas in total to show us what you’re capable of or what you are looking for.


Find the best fit for you and join in a competition now or host your own contest to get in touch with some of the world’s top animators.


What’s so Special About Animation?


The draw of attention.


The animation can be described easily as the rapid succession of sequential static images. This graphics movement almost never remains unnoticed and catches our eyes, attracting the attention. This succeeds much more easily in the otherwise daunting task of sharing ideas, advertising, explaining, entertaining or even influencing. To achieve the mission, animators use hand-drawn, painted or computer-generated images, which can nowadays be seen lurking on us from everywhere.


To the question “Why is it so easier for animations to attract us?”, the answer might be connected to the brain confusion, the phi phenomenon and the beta movement. Effects, described by psychology.


Whatever the reason behind, though, animations are working and they are broadly applied to almost anything for additional special effects or creation of an entirely animated visual content, surpassing all physical laws. Yet, of course, animations could be used for things much simpler, like applying a dog’s mask on your face, while taking a selfie.


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