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10 Types of Artisans You Can Find on VOUBS

The last decade was an absolute game changer for some of the most common trades, nearly brought to extinction after the Industrial Revolution. With the risе of environmental and quality awareness, handmade items are being preferred increasingly more than the machinery-assembled ones. To support the process of development of craftsmen and their professions, VOUBS created a category for you to easily find interesting competitions with generous cash or other prizes and enter in them or to inspire and create one on your own. In this category, we’ve included subcategories within the following areas:

1.      Ceramic & Glass;

2.      Textile & Fiber;

3.      Flower Crafts;

4.      Leatherwork;

5.      Needlework;

6.      Paper Crafts;

7.      Wood & Furniture;

8.      Stone Crafts;

9.      Metal Crafts;

10.   Mixed Crafts.

What Does It Take To  Upgrade Yourself From  Apprentice To  Master Of Any Craft?

Hard work, dedication and a strong will. Of course, there are variables like luck and opportunities. Latter can easily be increased in number with the help of our platform where you will need only one thing – a registered user account. Once you have it, subscribe to this category and you will never miss a contest or a prize from any place in the world.

Once you become a master of a craft, or if you have  already become one, you can start considering the possibilities for passing your knowledge to someone eager to learn. Use VOUBS to organize your own competition, with rules and criteria set by you, to find the most appropriate apprentice from a database with over 110,000 users in it.

Enter a contest now to gain experience or host your own competition free of charge!

How Can You Profit from Your Skills and Knowledge?

There comes a time in life when you have accrued skills and knowledge that become highly valued and you can trade them for an additional income of any form. Doing that with our service is easy to achieve in few steps:

1.      Register an account and log in.

2.      Open the list of all active contests and/or select a preferred discipline.

3.      Find out contests you’re interested in and read the information about them on their contest page.

a.      Prepare an appropriate project to enter and join!

b.      Look at the jury team for the competition and see if there are free spots so you can become one and get paid!