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Digital Art

Are You a Digital Artist?

To be a digital artist, on a most fundamental level, means to be fully giving yourself to the modern digital world in search of contemporary methods for production of art. To understand this vocation better, you should consider the computerized art creator as someone who possesses two key components of his character:

1.      The passion to digitally express his or others’ attitude and beliefs;

2.      An ability to work with digital technologies as the main part of his creative and presentation process.

If you’re such artiste, get ready to dive deeply into VOUBS’ world of digital arts, where you can win fame, money and contractors. Read further to learn what kind of competitions can you find here!

What Work Can You Submit in This Category?

The media work of the digital artist is used in many different fields, such as advertising or film-making. In order to bring glory to the professional field and yourself, you have the chance to prove your expertise and knowledge in art contests that require skills about the creation of:

  • 3D arts;
  • Visual Effects;
  • Digital Painting;
  • Vector Drawing;
  • Photo Painting;
  • Digital Collage;
  • Fractals;
  • Integrated Art.

How Could Digital Art Grow Your Success?

Freelancer, art director, an employee at the position of creative or an entrepreneur, the comprehensive world of digital art could help you make your achievements come true.

How”, you may ask.
Through a simple contest”, we answer.

To make your marketing campaign more efficient, a visual content is inevitably needed. As a business owner or a marketer, you can appreciate how valuable different points of view can be. On VOUBS, you can create your own competition and have hundreds or thousands of different ideas, generated around a specified assignment, set by you, at the exclusive price of no money for the creation of such contest!

On the other hand, as a creative, you can profit from your skills and develop long-term partnerships by entering into digital art competitions, created or submitted on VOUBS. Without limitations to the number of entries to a contest or to a group of contests, you can quickly win cash or other prizes totalling to a revenue of 4-digit numbers and more.

Don’t wait. Act accordingly now!