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DJ Tracks

18 DJ Tracks Genres You Can Find on VOUBS

The cure-all for DJs, mix tracks' lovers and producers, it is the DJ Tracks category where you will find online competitions about mixes, created by disc jockeys, carefully sorted and maintained in 18 subcategories, depending on their music genre. To find out what styles you can find here for your DJ tracks to be awarded, appreciated and recognized, read further what is included:

  1. Chill Out
  2. Techno
  3. Trance
  4. R&B
  5. Progressive house
  6. Hardcore
  7. Hip-Hop
  8. Hard Dance
  9. Breaks
  10. Drum & Bass
  11. Dubstep
  12. Electro House
  13. Electronica
  14. Hardcore
  15. Indie Dance
  16. Open Format
  17.  Minimal
  18. Tech House

What Does It Mean to Be a DJ here?

In short, being a DJ here and outside of the platform has only 1 significant difference – a better publicity.

Your job as a DJ is entertaining and here on VOUBS we are keeping all of that intact – you can keep producing quality work and keep mixing already recorded music, using cassettes, CDs, digital audio files or gramophone records. What you are receiving by using your profile on this website is to get an instant access to thousands of opportunities to earn prizes, potential partners and contracts, plus fame through your artwork. Whenever a DJ competition goes live online, anywhere in the world, it gets added here and you can join in it. You can still love what you do and do what you love while increasing your chances of success. Can you name a better opportunity than that? 

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Who Is This Contest Category For?

Meant to be accessed by DJs who want to place their tracks online for other people to reach them, this category allows you to find challenges and turning points for your career as a disc jockey. But not only serving the creators, everything here serves to the consumers as well. If you’re an entrepreneur, a business holder or a campaigner in need of a musical content, you would love to hear that with only 1 hosted contest here you can reach up to 110,000 users by offering an attractive prize for them to join.

As you can see, this is a beneficial area for different characters. Whatever you consider yourself, using VOUBS is easy and brings you no losses – just use it!