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Which Artistic Forms Are Considered as Drawings?


As new art tendencies and forms are nowadays rapidly expanding the visual arts family, it’s gradually becoming harder to distinguish one artistic form from another. To make a clear statement on that matter, VOUBS decided to create a contest category, entirely related to drawing, where artists could find information, as well as opportunities. Putting more light on that, herein you can find competitions that are considered as:


  • Hyperrealism,
  • Portraits,
  • Landscapes,
  • Fantasy,
  • Still Life,
  • Illustrations,
  • Caricatures;


Or generally, anything created with charcoal, chalk, pastels, metalpoint, graphite point, pen or brush.


How Can Your Drawing Skills Be Appreciated?


If you’re a draftsman or a drawing artist, you should know that appreciation of your art could come in 3 ways: as recognition, influence or as forms of payment. Achieving one or all of them could be done through many ways, though most require extra time and efforts until you meet the golden mean. To provide better chances for success, VOUBS connects people who do art with those who are interested in art.


On this website, you can find online competitions which are offering appealing prizes, challenge and a clear set of rules for artists to participate and earn the above-mentioned 3 things. If you really want to reach that golden mean quicker, then log into your account and enter a drawing competition now!


What Type of Artwork Makes the Best Entry?


To enter in a contest, you will be required to provide media, according to the rules of each competition, which may demand a photograph, a document, a video or an audio on a specific subject. To make sure you are amongst the top rated contestants, it is preferred to use a project that shows the most of your talent, creativity and is coping with the requirements. Keep that in mind and show us what you’re capable of by joining today!