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What Types of Journalists Are Wanted on VOUBS?

Journalism is only one of the wings that the mass media uses to fly freely around people. Yet again, it is the basis for all others and since it plays that role, it diversifies to a lot of branches of the same tree. At today’s state of globalization, the production and distribution of reports on recent events requires a number of people with different styles, skills and interests. This is mandatory, in order for the journalism to manage to respond the curiosities of all of its’ consumers. To aid this branch in its’ enterprise, VOUBS manages a special category dedicated to the journalists and these following styles:

  • ·        Investigative;
  • ·        News;
  • ·        Reviews;
  • ·        Columns;
  • ·        Feature Writing;
  • ·        Mobile Journalism;
  • ·        Freelance Journalism;
  • ·        Comedic Journalism;
  • ·        Broadcast Journalism;
  • ·        Yellow Journalism;
  • ·        Tabloid Journalism;
  • ·        Drone Journalism.

What Can Journalism Contests Offer You?

Depending on what your role in real life is and what are your intentions in terms of using VOUBS, the competitions maintained in this category can greatly vary on how they could benefit you.

The way we see things, there are 3 cases that could relate to you, which differ if you are:

  1. 1.      A freelance journalist or a full-time practitioner
    You may look at these contests as a way to enrich your knowledge base and journalistic style of expression, handing you opportunities that may boost your career, help you gain experience that will serve you outside of this virtual world or motivate you to start your own journal by providing additional income.
  2. 2.      Having your own journal, blog or news show
    In this case, hosting a contest on our platform may turn out as the right approach to find new journalists on the go by giving them an exemplary task. You could raise awareness around your blog or newspaper or simply promote your business online and call for partners.
  3. 3.      Looking for valuable information
    Of course, you could simply be looking for new ways to learn the latest news, find about events first or simply hope to find a useful information from unordinary sources.

Regardless of which goes to you though, having a personal account is free of charge and you could always get full opportunities from all 3 options. Register now and login to use all features!