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Arts festivals and events

What Arts Festivals' and Events' Contests Can You Look Forward to Finding Here?

We are talking about massive, global arts festivals and events from all corners of the world that VOUBS is collecting at this very place for you to use it as an information source and join in any open activities related to such events. We've concluded that everything on this page can be divided into 2 major groups, depending on the type of events you're looking for to host or to join:

1.      Type of event: exhibitions, commissions, transformations, concerts, conventions, happenings, parties, ceremonies, media events, sporting events, public speaking, etc.;

2.      Genre: Music, dance, film, fine art, literature, poetry, comedy, children’s entertainment, science, street theatre or any other falling under the host of a general festival or event.

Who Is Eligible to Host Arts Festival or Event’s Contest, or Join Such?

Each registered user who agrees to comply with the general rules.

It isn’t necessarily for you to be an Artistic Director of an event if you want to host a contest related to it on VOUBS. You have your full right to organize competitions, set prizes and rules, and promote activity to reach to a maximum number of followers and participants and raise awareness for your project or find additional help with designing and organizing.

You can host a contest just for fun or with a particular goal and pay nothing for hosting. Contact VOUBS now to get a detailed information.

Not here for hosting, but to show your creative and artistic side? Enter in a competition. Earn cash prizes and follow competitions you’re passionate about with the power of only 1 button. Use the hover menu for each contest to follow or join.

5 Reasons Why VOUBS Is the Mecca of the Art Festivals’ and Events’ Contests

1.      Quickly join in arts festivals and events from all corners of the world;

2.      Reach to or compete with photographers, designers, writers, dancers, managers and people from all walks of life numbering more than 110,000 users with different levels of expertise;

3.      Always be the first to know about latest art festivals and events that are organizing competitions;

4.      Never worry about SCAM or fake contests. All prizes on VOUBS contests are guaranteed;

5.      Perfectly match your marketing strategy with our contest hub. You only pay for what you receive!