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Fun & Lifestyle


Fun Competitions and Lifestyle Tips You Can Find Here


Involve 11 contemporary and lifestyle topics representing subcategories of the current Fun & Lifestyle discipline. Divided into 2 major groups, with the competitions on this page you can either have fun until your stomach muscles become sore or learn tips and tricks you can apply to your daily life.


If you’re feeling naughty, wishing to be the next generation of pranksters with a famous YouTube channel and thousands of followers, then you would find most interesting the subcategories related to:


  • ·        Pranks & Stunts;
  • ·        Viral Videos;
  • ·        Greeting Cards & Videos;
  • ·        Celebrity Impersonators;
  • ·        Gaming;


But if you’re past the point of silly deeds, you might want to either learn how to lead a healthy life or pass your own knowledge to the future generations while claiming cash or other prizes. For you we have:


  • ·        Global Culture;
  • ·        Health, Nutrition & Fitness;
  • ·        Family;
  • ·        Astrology;
  • ·        Online Lessons;
  • ·        Collectables.


What Do You Need to Do to Win?


As the saying goes, “To get, you must first give.” Winning is the easiest part, but first, you need to find a contest that is accepting new entries, you need to familiarize with the rules, prepare an appropriate video, photo, audio or documentation and join in the race for the top prize. 


Losing is never an option on VOUBS, so we encourage you to start now! Once you make it to the winners' section, make sure you have filled in correctly all your personal information, including address or bank account for cash prizes.


Can I Host My Own Competition?


Having your own contest is another way of making people laugh and the only thing that separates you from doing it is a registered account on our platform. You can show us your altruistic side by setting the playground for others to compete for the prizes you set and as per the requirements you post.


If seeing others happy and goal-driven is what makes your day, go to our homepage and click on the "Create contest” button!