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 The current General Terms of Use of the Service “Voubs” (later on called shortly General Terms and/ or Terms, offered by the website http://www.voubs.com/, owned by foundation „Research Centre of online contests”, Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, (called later on shortly the foundation RCOC and/ or RCOC), contain the general terms of RCOC for the users to use of the offered service, (called later on shortly the service), and the corresponsive informational resource ‘by’, ‘of’ or ‘on’ the appointed website which define the relations between RCOC and each and every user of the Service.

  Please, carefully read the General Terms for Use of the service offered by foundation RCOC which in relations between the users of the service and RCOC have the meaning in general of a binding contract by the Bulgarian Commercial Law for offering service to the informational society by the meaning and conditions of the Bulgarian Law for Online Trade.

  By making a tick on the field „I agree with the Terms of Use“ for the service “VOUBS” and on the fields „ I am informed about Privacy Policy” and „ I agree to process my personal data “ on the website when registering as a user, as well as clicking on the virtual button “Confirm” or by clicking “Registration of User’s Profile” on the platform will be accounted as if you are acquainted to and you agree with the General Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and you give your agreement for processing your personal data, and that you are obliged to keep the rules containing in the published on the website new (changed) edition of the Terms. See the links, Privacy Policy and Declaration for agreement of processing personal data.







  Art. 1 In the current General Terms of Use of the Service „Voubs“ the used specific vocabulary and phrases have the following meaning: 

  The website : http://www.voubs.com/ is a virtual platform, owned by Foundation „Research Centre for Online Contests” (Foundation RCOC), Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, representing specific place in the global internet, accessible by its unique address (URL) protocol HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol by which RCOC offers its service to the information society : „Voubs”; 

  •   The service „Voubs” is offered by Foundation RCOC on the website: http://www.voubs.com/ to the users of the service of the information society, providing the possibility for the organization and conducting this virtual platform for the contests and/ or for participation in similar contests by  providing information resource : software, programs, text, sound, images, pictures and other virtual means and materials by which conditions are created to provide wide range of participation in the contests of the users of the service and for the competition between them as participants, aiming to achieve maximum efficiency in the solution of the tasks given in the contest;
  •   Mobile version of the service „Voubs“ is offered by RCOC to the users - customers of the mobile network, possibility to receive facilitated access to the service  by using means for access and transfer, offered by the mobile operators in their mobile networks;
  •   Web page of a contest „Voubs“ is specific part of the website www.voubs.com with unique URL address in the scope of the website , created specially for organization and conducting each separate contest;
  •  Organizator of the service is Foundation RCOC with headquarters and management address Sofia, 123 Blv ‘Vasil Levski’ which by the virtual platform provides the service to the users;
  •  User of the service is each legal entity (identified by the offered by it data about the legal registration – company case, UIC or Bulstat, company name, headquarter and management address, e-mail and phone number) and/or individual ((identified by the offered by him data from personal identification document: name and surname, date of birth, address, е-mail and phone number), that wishes to use the service by, to or on the website;
  •  Registered user is each user, legal entity or individual, who registered himself on the website of Foundation RCOC: http://www.voubs.com/ with the identifying data, in order to use the offered Service „Voubs”, who created his own users profile with target to use the service;
  •  Non-registered user is each user, (identified by the data of registration either as legal entity or  by the data of the identification of the individual), who does not correspond to the requirements for registered user;
  •  User’s profile (e-mail) is specific part of the website, e-mail address which contains information for Registered user, required by the Foundation RCOC during his registration and saved by RCOC on the server, the access to which is possible by entering User Name and Password;
  •  User name is a name or nickname given to himself by the Regisered user written either on Cyrillic or Latin by which he is identifying himself on the website;
  •  Password is a code chosen by the Registered user by at least 8 (eight) letters and numbers and/or signs which together with his user name individualizes and service to assess his User profile;
  •  IP-address is the unique identification number, associated with the computer of the registered user in a way which allows his localization in the global internet;
  •  Malicious actions are real actions or inactions violating the good usage of the Internet by a user of the service and creating harm to the people connected to internet, sending unwanted mails (not requested messages, SPAM, JUNK MAIL), flooding the informational channels, (FLOOD), receiving access to resources with the rights of someone elsе and passwords, using imperfections in the network and in the system targeting his personal benefit  or gaining information (HACK), making actions of commercial spying, damaging or destroying systems or information arrays (CRACK), sending "Trojan horses" or causing the installation of viruses or systems for remote control, making whatever actions which could be classified as crime or administrative violation in the Bulgarian or another legislation.
  •  Random event is a condition not foreseen and impossible to be foreseen up to the moment of signing the contract and it has urgent status, which obviously makes providing the service impossible.




Art. 2 The following General Terms regulate the relations between Foundation RCOC as th owner of the website in the internet: http://www.voubs.com/ - Organizer of the provided by this website (virtual platform) service of the information society: „Voubs” and its meaning of Administrator of personal data, from one side, and the user of the service from another, about the usage of the service  and the corresponding information resource.  

Art.  3 The service offered with this contract with the following General Terms, does not include in its scope the relations of providing to its users computers or other equipment in order for them to use it.

Art. 4 The service can be provided – by request of its registered users both in its mobile version


Content of the service


Art.  5 The service „Voubs“  includes access to:

  • Offered by RCOC by web browser, information resource to the service: software, programs, text, sound, images, pictures and other similar virtual means and materials;  
  •  Offered by RCOC in another way, marketing information and materials about the service;
  •  е-mails by RCOC about the service;
  •  е-mails from other registered users about the service;
  •  data from users about the service, received by electronic means;
  •  data from third parties – partners of RCOC, received by electronic means such as advertisements and other similar information;


Subjects of the provided service


Art. 6 The organizer of the service is :

Art. 6.1 Foundation RCOC, owner of the website www.voubs.com which by order of the user or by its own initiative organizes or conducts online contests on this platform.

Art. 6.2 RCOC has :

  •  headquarters and address of management: Sofia, Bvl 123 Vasil Levski
  •  address of the activity: Ruse, Str 6 Boyantsi
  •  address for contact: Ruse, Str 6 Boyantsi
  •   VAT 1771305158
  •  website :  www.voubs.com

Art. 6.3 Supervising bodies over the activity of RCOC as organizator of the service are:

  •   Commission for personal data protection - (CPDP)

           With address : Sofia, Str 15 Ivan Ev. Geshev

           website : www.cpdp.bg

  • Commission for customer protection - (CCP)

        With address : Sofia, Sq 4 Slaveykov, floors 3, 4 & 5

        website : www.kzp.bg

Art. 6.4 Official representative of RCOC for personal data protection is

  •  Vasko Vasilev

         Address: Sofia, Bvl 123 Vasil Levski

         e-mail: info@voubs.com 

         phone. : 0877330291

Art.. 7 The users of the service are the following 3 categories of people:

Art.. 7.1 Assignors: registered users, legal entities and adults that on the basis of the General Terms and on the basis of concluded separate contracts, give order to RCOC as owner of the website and organizer of the service, in return – defined in advance payment, to organize and conduct on the virtual platform public online contests in relation to the given  in each of the orders: subject, target, task and other specific requirements for making the order;

Art..7.2 The participants: registered users, legal entities and/or adults or minors  that on the basis of the following terms wish to participate in the assigned to RCOC as owner of the platform or organized by its initiative  online contests with or without payment of entry fee, and to win the execution of the relevant orders

Art.. 7.3 Visitors – Registered or non-registered legal entities and/or adults or minors  that are not Assignors to or participants of a specific online contest organized by the platform but who visit the internet page of the same contest with purpose to follow up its conduction, and in condition that the requirements of the conduction allow the above mentioned bodies  and the latter wish it – and in order to vote when defining the participant to win the contest and the conduction of the order given by the same contest.


Restrictions about the individuals


Art. 8 Registered users of the regulated with these General Terms „Voubs “ individuals can be only people who according to the Bulgarian Law for the individuals and families or the corresponding foreign law are individuals, who are adults (18+ years old), and who are not under interdiction. A person who has not turned into adult yet (16 - 18 years old) can be user of the service only if he declares when registering the consent of his parents/ custodians or trustees. An adolescent (14 - 16 years old) cannot be registered user or non-registered user of the service.


 Art. 9 Foundation RCOC requires from the users during registration process to declare in specific line of the online form his adulthood (giving their birthdate) and to give consent with the General Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Declaration of consent of processing personal data as well as his adulthood, and in the cases of being a minor – the consent of their parents, custodians or trustees. RCOC does not have responsibility and the foundation does not verify the truth of the fact if the person is adult or adolescent, and in the second case – the given consent of his parents, custodians or trustees.


Conditions for using the service by a registered user


Art. 10 In order to use the service every user must :

Art. 10.1 Register on the website of Foundation RCOC : http://www.voubs.com/, by filling in the registration form about the service „Voubs“, accessible in online (real) time on the given website and to express his consent with the General Terms and the other requirements of the service which is represented by the service;

Art. 10.2 By clicking on the website in the field „I have read and agree with the General Terms“ and in the fields „I have read and accept the Privacy Policy“ & „ I agree to process my personal data “, and by clicking the virtual button “Confirm“ or by clicking on the “Register” button, it is considered that the user make e-confirmation by meaning of Bulgarian law for e-documents and e-signature, by which he expresses that he is acquainted to the General Terms, he accepts them and he is obligated to keep up with them. In case you don’t agree with the General Terms, log in to your account settings and remove the tick about the agreement. This will lead to deleting your account.

Art. 10.3 By saving the e-consent in a server of Foundation RCOC by general standard for transferring it in a technical way, which makes it possible for its reproduction, the consent acquires the meaning of an e-document by meaning of the abovementioned law. RCOC can save for period no longer than 3 years in log-files on its IP server the address of the registered user as well as any other information needed for identification of the user and the reproduction of his e-consent of accepting the terms, in cases of eventual argument.  


User name and password


Art. 11 When registering on the website of Foundation RCOC: http://www.voubs.com/ every user of the service: „Voubs“ shows username and password for access to the service/ The user receives the User name and the password which he demanded. In case that the demanded name has already been taken, the user should fill in another which is unique and non-used by other user. 

Art. 12 The registered user is obligated to take care for keeping his password as well as not sharing to third parties the answer to their secret question. The user should immediately inform Foundation RCOC in cases of unrightfully access as well as when there is possibility of such to his user profile. The registered user has full responsibility to save his password as well as for all actions which are taken by him or by third parties when using the password. Aiming better security, RCOC recommends to its users to make effort for their password in order to it to by unique and complicated so it would not be recognized easily by unscrupulous third parties.



  Art 13. The following General Terms are translated to English from Bulgarian.  In cases that difference is found in the Bulgarian version and all of its translations, the meaning of the text in Bulgarian is taking into account.  




 Technical steps to conclude the contract with registered user

Art. 14 This contract between Foundation RCOC as organizer of the service “VOUBS” and every registered user as user of the service is active when making consent of the 2 parties.

Art. 14.1 By the side of the user the consent is expressed by:

  • Registration of the user on the website of RCOC : http://www.voubs.com/ for the service „Voubs“ by filling in e-form for registration of this internet page for the mentioned service and by clicking on the virtual button “Registration”  
  • By explicit consent with the General Terms of use of the provided by the website service by clicking on the internet page in the field „I have read and agree with the General Terms“ and by clicking “Confirm”
  • Art. 14.2 By the side of RCOC the consent is expressed by/;
  •  Sending message to the user to the given by him e-mail address which confirms , his registration on the website and   Activating access to the service




Art. 15 The contract between Foundation RCOC for using the service „Voubs “ on the website: http://www.voubs.com/ - as organizer of this platform of specific online contest and each registered or non-registered user of the service as participant or watcher in the contest, can be unpaid or paid. When using the service – participating or visiting of a specific contest, is paid by fees for the contest, it is shown on internet page of the specific contest.


Art. 16 In the cases when the registered or non-registered users use the service as participants or visitors in the specific contest and there is fee, the users can pay the fee  om the internet page with information for the conduction of the contest and by the accepted in the platform online currency WINGS. See the link  “WINGS currency“ 




 Art. 17 Rights and obligations of Foundation RCOC, owner of the website: http://www.voubs.com/, as organizer of the service offered by this platform „Voubs “ and as Administrator of personal data of the participants:

 Art. 17.1 RCOC as organizer of the service, subject of the current General Terms and as Administrator of personal data is obligated:

  •  To take care of providing to the users the possibility for normal usage of the service;  
  •   To take care of securing the personal data of the users of the service;

 Art. 17.2 RCOC has the rights:

  •  To erase registered user of the service or to disactivate the user profile and the password to the user profile, and/ or to erase all the content in it is not being used 360 (three hundred and sixty) calendar days after the last log in the user profile; 
  •  To erase after notification to the registered user of the service and to disactivate the user profile and the password to the user profile when he discovers that the user (twice or more times is interfering in the functioning of the website  and the service as he damages or ties to  impede about the other users the availability, the reliability or the quality of the service; 
  • To erase without notification a registered user of the service or to disactivate the user profile and the password to the user profile when establishment that the user of the website  and the service uploads on the internet page, stores, distributes or uses in any way a file with messages, information, data, text, sound, music, photographs, video or audio materials, as well as any other virtual material that violate human rights or threaten life and physical integrity, with pornographic content, or any other content that violates the law and public morality; 
  •  Тo temporarily suspend by his opinion or restrict access of a registered or non-registered user to the service when the user uses the same in violation of the law, these General Terms, additional rules published on the website of a particular contest or the ethics of the Internet, good morals or other applicable requirements;


Art. 18 RCOC as organizer of the service has the rights (but not obligations) to control the information, to save or make available the information by the users when using the service, and to search for facts or conditions regarding which RCOC can go to erasing a registered user or disactivation of the user name and password for access to the user profile  or to temporarily stop or limit his access to the service.

Art. 19 RCOC has the rights, (but not obligations) to install on the website of RCOC : www.voubs.com for the service „Voubs“ and/ or on the internet page of specific contest  own or third-party cookies - small text files that are stored on the website and/or the contest page and allow data analysis, which can be of interest to RCOC regarding optimization of the management of the offered service,  or would give the opportunity to advertise goods and services which, at its opinion, would be of interest to users of the service.

Art. 20 RCOC can send to the registered user (only after his consent in advance for receiving non-requested messages) such messages in order to offer him information and advertisements about other own or third-party goods and/or services. See the link „Declaration of consent“

Art. 21 Rights and obligations of the user of the service „Voubs“

Art. 21.1 The user is obligated : 

  •  when using the website : http://www.voubs.com/ and the offered by the platform  service to comply the law, these General Terms, the ethics of the internet, the good morality  and other applicable requirements;
  •  to not register on the website when using the data of another person and to not  mislead the Organizer, by any other means, of his personality and identification; 
  •  to not interfere with the proper functioning of the website by damaging or trying to impede the availability, reliability or quality of the service; 
  • to not access through the service beyond its permissions; 
  •  to not harm the legitimate interests and goodwill of another user of the service, his property and non-material rights;
  •   to not commit malicious actions within the meaning of these conditions;
  •  to notify the organizer immediately of any violation that has come to his knowledge when using it;

  Art. 21.2 The user is also obliged:

  •   when using the service of the platform to not load, store, distribute, or otherwise use information, data files, text, sound, music, photographs, video or audio materials, as well as any other virtual material, which are subject to an intellectual property right of third parties, except with the consent of the right holder;

 Art. 22 The user is entitled to use the service on-line while observing the requirements of these General Terms. In order to use the service the registered user, one must enter your Username and Password; the non-registered user uses the service when keeping up with the requirements of this type of users.




Art. 23 Intellectual property relations as a consequence of using the service „Voubs“ on the webpage : www.voubs.com of Foundation RCOC, which happened between the user as a  contractor of a specific contest from one side and RCOC as organizer of the contest from another side and the users as participants who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, concerning the intellectual property rights about the completion of the given task in the contest, are in accordance with the Bulgarian Law of the copyrights and similar rights, in the framework of the offered project in the contest procedure about implementation contract of the order or by signing a separate contract.




Art. 24 With the following General Terms of Use of the service „Voubs “ and Foundation RCOC, organizer of the website: www.voubs.com of this service and the users of the service agree to reckon that RCOC as organizer of a specific online contest will have responsibility about damages, caused by users who participate in this contest, only in the cases when the damages are caused by RCOC on purpose or due to rough mistake from his side when organizing and conducting the contest.


Art. 25 RCOC does not have responsibility to the users for not delivering the service by his website when the lack of delivery is a result of reasons which are out of his control:  force majeure or accidental situations, collapse in the Internet network, and when resulting from unauthorized access by Users or third party intervention to the virtual server of the platform that has caused hardware, software, loss of information resource, data or other virtual materials.




Collection of personal data

 Art. 26 Foundation RCOC as owner of the website: www.voubs.com, offering by this website the service „Voubs“, and as organizer of the service and administrator of personal data, needing in relation to its usage, has the rights to collect and process personal data with obligatory and non-obligatory status about the users of the service, individuals, during the registration of these individuals as registered users after consent for processing of their personal data.  See the link Declaration of consent of processing personal data

 Art. 27 The information with obligatory status which RCOC as organizer of the service and administrator of personal data collects from every registered user, individual, is in the scope of the following personal data categories: 

  • user name;
  • names;
  • address;
  • date of birth;
  • e-mail;
  •  contact phone number

Art. 27.1 The data are provided during registration of the person as a Registered user, for his registration, verification and identification as a user of the service and regarding its use.

 Art. 27.2 In case the person does not agree to provide the personal data, he does not register as a user and cannot use the service.

 Art. 28 In limited hypotheses, RCOC as organizer of the service and administrator of personal data can collect additional information with non-obligatory status but only about a specific category of people and only about specific purposes. For instance, data of the person  who won a contest about his bank and about the account in the same bank with purpose to transfer the award on this account.  If the person refuses to  provide the personal data (which is with non-obligatory status), the award is either not given to him or it is in the cases of personal appearance for accepting it.


Purposes for which the personal data can be used


Art. 29 RCOC collects information about the users, individuals for the purposing of using the service, subject of this General Terms, for the registration, verification and the identification of the people as users of the service, regarding full usage of all the possibilities for the users which the service offers.

 Art. 30 RCOC may use the information either to improve the management of the service provided or to advertise (subject to consent in advance of users by meaning of Article 22 of these Terms) and to other own or third parties goods and services  which according to RCOC could be of interest for the users.


 Personal Data

 Art. 31 Foundation RCOC as owner of the website : http://www.voubs.com/, organizator of the service provided of this website „Voubs“  and as administrator of personal data, has responsibility to protect the personal data of the users of the service and is obligated to take care when processing the data in accordance with its Privacy Policy. See the link: Privacy Policy.  


Disclosure of data

 Art. 32. RCOC undertakes not to disclose any personal data and information about the users of the service subject to these General Terms and not to provide the information gathered to third parties - state authorities, legal entities and individuals or other institutions, except in the following cases:

  • RCOC has received the explicit consent of the user at the time of registration or at a later time;
  •  information is required by government bodies or officials who, under current legislation, are authorized to request and collect such information in accordance with statutory procedures;
  •  other cases mentioned in the law.

 Rights of the Users for Data protection


 Art. 33 The users of the service have the right to request to Foundation RCOC as owner of the website, organizer of the service and administrator of personal data, protection of personal data, offered in relation to their registration as registered users. The rights of data protection include:

  • opportunity to request access to and information about their data;
  • opportunity to request correction of inaccuracies in their data;
  • opportunity to request delete of their data;
  • opportunity to request limitation of the processing of their data;
  • opportunity to object against their process;
  • opportunity to request their transfer;
  • opportunity to fill in complaints against the violator of their security;  


 Art. 34 The users exercise their right to the protection of personal data in the manner and under the terms of the Bulgarian Law for data protection, these General Terms and Conditions and other applicable requirements.




Art. 35 Foundation RCOC has the right has the right to unilaterally adopt new General Terms or to make changes to the current Terms of Use of the service ‘Voubs’ in order to improve, extend the scope and improve the service provided.

 Art. 35.1 When accepting the General Terms or when there are changes in the current Terms, RCOC brings to the knowledge of the users the new (the changed) terms by publishing on the website: http://www.voubs.com/ the text of the new (the changed -by explicit marking of each of the changes) and by sending to the user’s profile of each registered user a message and giving him the period of 14 (fourteen) calendar days to get acquainted with the new texts;

 Art. 35.2 If in the period of the 14 (fourteen) calendar days the registered user does not state explicitly to the website that he does not accept the new (the changed) General Terms and the appendixes to them – Privacy Policy and Declaration of processing of personal data, and that he does not want to stop using the service, then it is reckoned that the user agrees with the new (the changed) General Terms and the appendixes and that he accepts to keep the corresponding terms and rules.

 Art. 35.3 If the registered user states that he rejects the new (the changed) General Rules , then RCOC and the registered user accept that the contract with the registered user by meaning of chapter ІІ, art. 15 and art. 16 of these Terms, is finished, taken into account since the reject of the new or the changed terms.




Scope of application

 Art. 36 These General Terms apply together with others (Additional Special Rules) as far as the relevant rules do not explicitly exclude their joint application. 


Form of the contract

 Art. 37 The contract between foundation RCOC and a registered or non-registered user, made in accordance of these General Terms of Use of the service , subject of its regulation, it is reckoned that is concluded in written form which is accepted by clicking in the field “I have read and agree with the General Terms”, by clicking the virtual button „Confirm” or on the buttong “Registration” and sending message about registration of the user e-mail or by clicking the button „Confirm” on each page on the platform where this is required when using the service.



 Art. 38 The invalidity of individual clauses of the contract concluded in accordance with these General Terms - if any, does not invalidate the entire contract.


Termination of the contract

 Arl. 39 The contract concluded under the terms of these General Terms (except in the case under Article 33.3 of the Conditions) shall also be terminated when: 

  •  RCOC terminates its activity or seizes the maintenance of: www.voubs.com
  •  By mutual agreement;
  •  other lawful cases; 

Art. 40 The contract can be terminated:  

Art. 40.1 By RCOC or by the side of the registered user:

  •  giving 14 (fourteen) days notice to the other party in case of non-fulfillment of the obligation to use the service; 

Art. 40.2 By RCOC or by the side of the non-registered user :

  • Termination by RCOC of the access to the service or termination of use by the non-registered user of the service in case of non-fulfillment of the obligation to use it.

 Art. 41 When terminating the contract of RCOC with the registered use, the user’s profile is disactivated and the user and password to his profile.


Storing information about terminated contracts


Art. 42 When terminating contract with the user for using the service – (except in the cases of termination of the contract by mutual agreement), RCOC stores information from the disactivated user profile and password for access to this profie of the user of the service whose contract was terminated in a period no longer than 3 (three) years, considered since its disactivations, with purpose if there is an eventual lawful quarrel and requests “against” or “by” the user.


 Applicable law

 Art. 43 For any outstanding and/or controversial issues in these General Terms of Use on the Website: http://www.voubs.com/ of Foundation “Research Centre of Online Contets”, Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, of the service „Voubs“, about the reality, interpretation and delivery by RCOC of this service and/or about the usage by the users of the service, the applicable Bulgarian substantive and procedural law shall be applied




Types of online contests


§ 1) The types of the online contests are:

 p. 1.1) According to the host of the contest

 (i)     internal (organized on VOUBS);

 (ii)    external (organized on another website);

 p. 1.2) According to the type of accepted files:

 (i)  photo;

 (ii) audio;


 (iv) mixed;

 (v) documents

  p. 1.3) According to the stages of the contest

 (i)     in one round;

 (ii)    in to rounds;


Announcing the contest


 2) Every specific online contest is announced with decision of the organizer Foundation RCOC, accepted on the basis of the given order or by initiative of the  RCOC and published on the website: http://www.voubs.com/ and/or on the special internet pages, part of this website:: www.voubs.com/online-contests/upcoming, when the contest is upcoming or on: www.voubs.com/online-contests/active, when the contest is active now.

3) The decision contains:

 (i)  jury of the contest;

 (ii) the subject of the contest;

 (iii)its purpose and tasks;

 (iv)the time frame for organizing and conducting it;

 (v)    the start and final date for receiving requests of participate;

 (vi) the start and end dates for submission of projects by its participants;

 (vii) the entry fee (if such is foreseen);

 (viii) the prize pool for participants (if such is provided);

 (ix) other specific requirements for conducting it;

 (x)    draft contract with the winning competitor for the award and the performance of the ordered in the task product;

 4) Initial or subsequent decision for an online contest in two rounds shall be taken when this condition is explicitly stated by the user of the contest who created it, in the order for its conduction or when the voting for the participants and their projects in the framework of its procedure when there are 2, 3 or more participants with equal or very close voting result.  

  5) The information on and from a specific online contest (including the course of the voting in the public and the additional vote in a particular competition) is published on the specific page :  www.voubs.com/online-contests/active, when the contest is running, and on the page: www.voubs.com/online-contests/completed, when the contest is over

6) By the decision to announce the contest, RCOC as organizer may decide to carry out marketing in order to attract the interest of Registered Users to participate in its conduction.

 p. 6.1) The manner and duration of marketing in a particular contest is determined in accordance with the subject matter, task, purpose and other specifics of the contest

 p. 6.2) The manner and duration of marketing, as decision of RCOC, can include sending invitations to all registered users who would have interest in participating in the contest


Jury. Appointment

 8) The jury in a particular online contest is appointed by the registered User, the Contractor of the particular contest and/or by RCOC as the organizer of the Contest, in accordance with the contract concluded between them for giving the order for organization and conduction of the contest. The jury has maximum 10 (ten) and minimum 1 (one) member, offered as staff by the contractor and the organizer.


Applying for a competition

  9) The registered user, a legal entity or an individual as a contractor of a specific online contest, requests to RCOC as organizer of the contest, his will to make a contract for organization and conduction of the contest by sending message with order on the special e-mail for management of online contests: contests@voubs.com The user, legal entity, fills in the e-form of the message the date, requested in accordance with the General Terms about its court or other registration  as legal entity and about its e-mail and contact phone number. The user, individual, fills in the form of the message the data as per identity document, required by the Terms, and also his e-mail and contact phone number.

 10) Registered users, adult individuals wishing to participate in a particular contest, declare to RCOC as organizer of the contest his interest of participation during the period for registering requests for participation by filling in the e-form for giving requests in the contest page:  www.voubs.com/online-contests/active



11) The vote in online contests is based on a system with a total score. The system has a maximum total score of 100 (hundred) points. The registered user, a participant in a particular competition, who has scored the highest score at the end of the contest, is the winner of the competition.  

 12) The total score is an amount of 3 (three) elements:

  (i)     jury voting;

 (ii)    public voting;

 (iii)   additional voting;

 13) The jury voting on a particular online contest is the sum of the voting points of all its members (calculated as a sum), with which each member assesses on the website the project submitted by a participant in the competition. Jury members evaluate participants and their projects with a rating of 1 (one) to 10 (ten) points

 A member of the jury may also evaluate and choose only a participant and a project. If a member of the jury does not vote on the participant's page for the project submitted by him, he is considered to have given the project a rating of 0 (zero) points

14) The public voting for each participant in a particular online contest is a sum of the points of: (a) the rating placed by registered users - (calculated as the sum of the arithmetic mean) given on the participant's website - (when the user is a participant himself, given on the page by another participant), the project submitted by him in this contest, and b) the number of participants and visitors' votes on the site of a participant and project, and c) the number of visits to that page. The percentage and distribution of (a), (b) and (c) points is a trade secret reserved for the purpose of eliminating malicious acts and abuses of public voting.

 15) Each registered user has the right to evaluate each participant (when the user is a participant himself, this does not concern his participation) with a rating of 1 (one) to 10 (points).

 16) The additional voting for a participant in a particular online contest is the voting points of Registered users, visitors to a particular contest, specifically, visitors to the website of the participant in the contest, for the project, given by the WINGS virtual currency held by the respective users.

 17) One WINGS is equal to 1 (one) vote, and as virtual currency has value equal 0,48 (zero point forty eight) euro. The participation with the most WINGS accumulated at the end of the contest will be given the maximum% of the additional vote in the competition. Everyone else will get a smaller percentage than the leader in the contest.

 18) The additional voting for a contestant is done by clicking on the virtual button "Vote" with the WINGS virtual sign on the page of the respective Participant.

 19) The total result is calculated using the following mathematical formula:

 Е(max) = A (jury voting) + B (public voting) +С (additional voting)

 Where А, В & С have a weight predefined when creating the contest and the values may vary.

 20) The total score of each participant in a particular online contest is published on the personal page of the contestant in the contest both as a final result, as well as current, as tbe result in every moment of the process of voting in the contest (and under the format of total and of different components). By request of the Contractor giving order for the specific contest or by the organizer of the contest, the total score (as a current situation) can be hidden from the registered users, the participants and the visitors of the contsts, until the end of it, when this is given by the subject, purpose or tasks of the specific contest.

21 ) The classification of the first three participants of a specific contest is published by RCOC on the internet page: www.voubs.com/online-contests/completed with information about the specific contest in period of 7 (seven) calendar days from its completion. 


Promoting a contest entry

Every registered user has the right to promote his / her participation in competitions as well as that of another registered user. The promotions are visualized on the different pages of VOUBS. There are 3 types of promotion as for each media only one promotion is possible:

 (i) Mini Booster – when paying 5 WINGS, the media receives 3 times rating of 10 (top rating), the promotion continues up to 30 clicks to media or up to 5,000 impressions 

(ii) Best Offer - when paying 20 WINGS, the media receives 18 times rating of 10 (top rating), the promotion continues up to up to 250 clicks to media or up to 40,000 impressions 

(iii) Mega Offer - when paying 80 WINGS, the media receives 90 times rating of 10 (top rating), valid promotion up to 2000 clicks to media or up to 200,000 impressions


Awards in online contests

22) The awards of the participants classified on the first places in a specific online contest, are provided by the user who gave the order for the organization the contest or by RCOC as organizer of its conduction, or together.

 p. 22.1) The type and the value of the awards are announced on the internet page of the contest;

 p. 22.2) The awards can be the following types :

 (i)     cash;

 (ii)    product/ service;

 (iii)   virtual currency WINGS;

 p. 23.3) The page also announces the way they are provided to the winner.

24) The prizes will be given within 30 (thirty) calendar days of the publication of the ranking of the participants but not before the following additional conditions:

 p. 24.1) In the case of cash prizes, the participants in the competition shall indicate their data required by these General Terms and their bank and transfer account;

 p. 24.2) In the case of product awards, an indication by the rated participants of their data required by the General Terms and of the person, place and means of delivery of the relevant items;

 p. 24.3) In the case of WINGS awards - an indication by the rated participants of their data required by these Terms,

25) All costs of distributing the prizes in online competitions - a bank transfer fee or a prize-giving fee, are at the expense of the winners of these awards.


Conclusion of contract for execution of the order

  26) When the order of the contractor about a specific online contest , organized and conducted by RCOC requires from the users who participate in the contest, not only project for participation but if on first place – its completion, then the contractor who gave order, in the period of 30 (thirty) calendar days  from the publication of the result, makes a contract with the winner for the completion of the project.

 The current General Terms of Use of the service were accepted by Foundation RCOC on  June 1st, 2018, published on its website : https://www.voubs.com  specifically on the link : https://www.voubs.com/terms on June 19th , 2018 and are in action from  July 3rd, 2018, meaning after the end of this 14 (fourteen) calendar days given as deadline in these Terms for getting the users acquainted to the content of the Terms.