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VOUBS is a world leader in organizing and promoting contests. In the following text you can find our list of core values which all our employees share.Our corporate culture comes down to a few basic manners of behavior which make VOUBS trustworthy partner for any business and any user.

  • Opportunity-makers - doing our best to provide our customers opportunities to create their contest and / or promote it so they would reach their goals.
  • Client-orientated - we do put effort to understand the interest of the contest participants as well as the one of the organizers; the website is user friendly and it develops in the direction daily.
  • Promise-keeping - when we are engaged with a task, we are really into it. We keep our word. Once said, will be done. We would not tell you impossible things, we only take onto initiatives that can be completed.
  • Communication - we talk with people, we want the feedback in order to have constant improvement; we value the opinion of everyone.
  • Respect - good attitude is deserved by anyone; we give the admiration that everyone deserves and we would not undermine anyone of any age, sex, religion, etc. All people are equal for us.
  • Privacy - we do keep the privacy of our users. For further information, please read our Privacy Policy
  • Transparency - it appears in all our actions; we act crystal clear on each and every topic. We have a transparent voting system, protecting our contests of fraud and making our platform extremely trustworthy.
  • Innovative thinking - as it is 21st century we never slow down our creative thinking and desire for offering the best possible solutions. Crazy-brave ideas are not forbidden, just the opposite – we are looking for the novelty regardless how impossible seems to be in order for it to become reality.
Keeping privacy
Thinking for the future
Making opportunities
Orientated to understand the client
Keeping promises
Having crystal clear rules
Respecting everybody
Seeking active communication

In VOUBS each and every action is safe and secure. Our system was developed in a way that it guarantees to our users crystal clear actions and it provides security from violators. We made a list with our basic work in terms of safety.


Secure voting system in online contests: After more than 5 years of testing and developing, VOUBS managed to create the most secure system for voting in online contests. VOUBS is an innovator and we improved the old-fashioned methods for assessment which simply don’t work. Here you cannot click a few times and buy 1000 votes meaning that you win. The total result of the winner is calculated as % of jury voting & % of public voting. Moreover, the more expreienced Voubsters have higher voting power which excludes the possibility and makes senseless the creation of many profiles owned by one person. Many new profiles would have voting power equal to the voting power of an experienced user of ours of level 50. Every next day the number of our users is increasing. Check out our winners, see for yourself the quality of their works and become certain in our voting system!

Profile verification: In order to participate in the contest, each profile needs to be verified and to participate with the owner’s real names and personal data. This is one of the conditions for winning a contest. This allows us to be sure that the participants are real people who take responsibility for their actions.

Profile levels: by making completing some actions on the platform our users level up which guarantees the fact that they spent time on the platform. The higher the level is, the more experience the user has. That’s why we trust in him/ her more and we give higher voting power. This means that we stimulate the usage of only one profile by one person and that is a part of the protection of our participants in contests, because we don’t want them to turn into many profiles of one and the same person.

Spam protection: we have absolutely protected data base of the mails of our users which is not accessible for third parties. The voubsters can decline receiving mails even by us.

Payment security: in order to participate in a contest which requires entry fee, you need to use our virtual currency WINGS, buying of which can be done by a method selected by you - we offer paypal, epay, as well as bank card. The latter takes place thanks to BORICA leading system of payment transactions.

Complaints and problems:if you have a problem, our team is ready to answer and to take an adequate action in the situation. In avarage we solve our user’s troubles in a working day. We are happen when the Voubsters share with us. Every person can contact us on social media on by sending us a mail on info@voubs.com

Participants disqualification: our Terms of use for work with our website, as well as the rules for participants and the rules of a contest itself state what is allowed to the users. Each deviation from the rules leads to disqualification of the media from the contest and more serious and/ or systematic violations result in banning the users.

Safety for the profiles - the profiles of our users are secured. The password are made by themselves. The registered users need to open their mail box in order to confirm their profile when entering for the first time. It is not possible to log into our website via social media and to have a profile at the same time - our system checks for existing mails then and directly connects the profile.

Safety when working on the website> - during the past years we have had prize awards of over 10 000 dollars just in one contest, and 0 attacked trying to change the end of the contest had ever been successful.

Certificates - they are issued when winning a contest; they certify the real and true winning of a contest and they can be presented to institutions which can check with us.

Awards guaranteed - each contest organizer deposes on our account the award that they promise in the contest and we use the deposit to transfer the award to the winner/s. VOUBS keeps its image that the platform guarantees that the contest awards has been and will be paid.