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Asad Rehman

Male | 26 years old |Pakistan
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I may not be able to accomodate everyone's add requests so pls
don't take it the wrong way if I can't add you.

Im not your modern day romeo, but I believe that the eyes of a
woman are the windows to her soul, and only the men who
possess the foresight to see far deeper and beyond that window,
can recognize the true beauty, wonder, grace and heaven in a
woman. Any woman! Be it your own mother, sister, gf or wife! I
believe that all women are beautiful in more ways than any man can ever imagine, wish or ask for and a man's true worth is
portrayed in his ability of how he makes a woman see her true
beauty through his eyes and his heart and also through that of her
own........ much love for eve one.

I am a Warrior poet, i do not need swords to fight my battle...my
words are enough to defeat the enemy! After all,my name will not
be remembered,my face will fade away from memories but what
will remain are my eternal words...my poetry, my writing!!!
I am what i am and i aint gonna change for nothing or no one coz
im perfect and it is daim hard to improve perfection!
important annoucment ...
(kiss my ass. Iam sick of people copying shit from my profile! LIFE
is too short, be original!)
all ma old m8z r requested to add me again.....do it now
(BlACk bY NiGhT, WhItE bY dAY, A MUSlIM thROUGhOUt MA lIF3
Aww yeah, uhh, uhh
Holla if ya hear me, yeah!
Holla if ya hear me!
"Hard!" .. "Tellin you to hear it, the rebel"

-Fame is my obsession,
-Wealth my Intoxication,
-Fear my Weapon.
-The World is at my Feet,
-Destiny is at my fingertips,
-and in arms???(Ofcourse Girls....ha.ha.ha...)
-My Identity is Born to stay Hidden,
-I enjoy flirting with Death,
-and living life on my terms,
-I'm not stubborn about winning,
-but then again...Its a habbit!
-Come on guys! Take a guess!
-Guess who is It? Who I am?
-I am the KING....I am Asad Rk.....

I Was Here, But Now I'm Gone,
I Leave My Name To Turn You On,
I am the KING....I am ÐON.....
Those Who Know Me, Know Me Well..
Those Who Don't...
Can Go To HELL!!

-I think so much Information is enough for you..
For knowing more Dig It Out your self.....
I am the man of my own style. I make style myself; In my opinion
style is the simplest way of saying complicated things.
Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not
giving a damn.
I was born to learn, to grow, to expand, to love, to create, to enjoy,
to see the beauty in all things including myself... But I was NOT
born to be perfect.
Its in my nature to speak the truth and I really hate the liars. I like to
be independent and do things at my own and we must be
confident of performing our deeds alone......