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Betty Alan

Female | 40 years old |China
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Products of oyostepper.com mainly include stepping motor (closed-loop stepping motor, braking stepping motor, planetary deceleration stepping motor, linear stepping motor, pushrod stepping motor, rotary stepping motor etc.). Meanwhile, the company may also be available for providing customized service to clients, providing special stepping motor or cooperating to develop stepping motor, brushless DC motor, high-precision planetary reducer and design scheme.Administration of company has passed IS9001  international certification quality system; the products have respectively passed quality certification of CE, ROHS, FC etc., so that quality of Shenli Brand stepping motor has seen great improvement and becomes more competitive.
Corporate Mission: Carrying forward Chinese craftsman spirit, intelligent manufacturing boutiques of Chinese Nation, being determined to become a century-old enterprise
Core Value: Integrity, Communication, Gratefulness, Execution
Objective: creating maximized value for clients
Enterprise Spirit: pursuit of excellence is our mission
Corporate Culture: aggressiveness, keeping improving, pursuit of perfection dedicated   
Corporate Philosophy: survival on basis of quality; reputation on basis of service, co-creation and win-win situation
Quality Policy: quality is foundation for survival of corporation; boutique creation is essence of craftsman