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Fine art printing is the printing of high-quality art work using archival pigments inks and high-resolution digital printers. This combination of high-quality materials, inks and printers gives you an unbeatable variety of colors, depth, and detail. Due to their outstanding quality fine art prints as well as fine art giclees have become industry standards in art reproduction and photography. Fine art printing is not only for photographers and artists. Printing with fine art is now accessible to anyone who wants to save personal photographs and works. The demand for highly-curated personal spaces is increasing in popularity and need the longevity and quality which fine art prints have to offer. JardenePhotography has carefully selected a selection photo and fine art papers that can bring your images to life. We offer a range of Hahnemuhle and Epson papers that range from smooth to subtly textured and matte-finish to high-gloss. Fine art prints are available in any size you require, that ranges from 4x6" to 64x120". You may be wondering what the distinction is between fine art paper as opposed to regular photo paper, and the answer is in the composition of the paper as well as the final product. These papers are made to endure with either a cotton or cellulose base and a neutral pH. This lets fine art papers retain inks and display unsurpassed clarity and pigmentation. Once you choose breaking news about art work, sneak a peek at this site. The art of choosing the perfect fine art paper is a personal choice. The factors to consider when selecting a paper are equally artistic and technical. Paper choice is a subjective decision, much like other creative choices. However, we will be happy to guide you to the right path. The team at JardenePhotography is here to provide recommendations and determine the most appropriate choice according to your preferences. Below, you will find our paper selections as well as learn more about each of the papers. What is it that makes Fine Art Giclee Printing Superior? Fine art giclee printing is an extremely versatile method of printing used by photographers, painters and illustrators. Papers have to meet certain requirements to qualify as giclee fine art paper. Furthermore Fine art giclee prints will prevent your images from turning yellow or breaking and fading even after 100 years. Fine Art Paper When to Print Fine art photography paper is ideal for photographs or artifacts that you want to keep for a long time and also when you desire an individual style and feel for your photography and artwork. Fine art papers can be used to preserve photographs for posterity and museum collections, as well as interior decor, or for exhibitions. Multiple Paper Options for Fine Art Printing There are a variety of paper options to use for fine art giclee art as well as photography printing which includes glossy or matte printed finish. Matte finishes provide a shine-free look with distinctive textures that help to bring out rich colors and black hues and a glossy finish can let your photos shine. JardenePhotography provides glossy and matte finishes. Hahnemuhle German Etching Hahnemuhle German Etching, a fiber-based matt paper, features natural texture, high contrast and vibrant color. The natural white point and texture makes it perfect for a variety of fine art reproductions that range from illustrations to oil paintings. It is also ideal for photography. Hahnemuhle Photo Wiper Bright Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Bright a 100% cotton paper with a fairly smooth texture and a cotton-like feeling. It is suitable for wedding photography or portraits of fine art. Hahnemuhle Fine Art Gem Hahnemuhle fine art, Pearl has a silky texture and a soft gloss surface. It can add dimension and depth to your image as well as providing an unobtrusive white base. This is ideal to give an oil painting effect or a realistic look to your fashion or documentary photography. Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta, is a 100 cotton baryta paper with a soft gloss surface that helps show detail, black density, and contrast. This allows for clarity across all photography styles including landscapes to vintage photography.