Main activity currently, volunteering and raising awareness of the existence of rare diseases. As a person with a rare disease pulmonary hypertension daily challenge is to breathe and hope for a cure.
At 33 years from active healthy person suddenly I became a person with an invisible disability. Founder and president of the Association for patients with pulmonary hypertension "Moment Plus" in R.Macedonia.
The main purpose of getting treatment and early diagnosis , fighting for life.
Every breath is a challenge for me. My dream was to be graphic designer and artist but now all my capabilities I use in purpose of making campaign and struggling with disease and needs of the association of promotional material.

SEMOS- education (Academy for IT)
GRAPHIC COLLEGE (Adobe Certificated specialist in Adobe Potoshop CS4, Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe Indesign CS4),Adobe Dreamweaver,WordPress

Preparation of design of printed materials, brochures, calendars, full marketing design for corporate identity.
Processing photos and albums, memories, processing of old photographs. Designing cards for any occasion, newspaper front pages for books and so on.
Design solutions and designs for packaging, flyers, banners.