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Valorant's 2.06 update on March 30 introduced an entirely new setting that helps improve the audio in game. The HRTF could be confusing at first, but here's a quick explanation of how it works. For more details about HRTF in Valorant continue reading this article. Valorant can make it very important to get the edge on your opponent. Listening out for audio cues can be a fantastic method to achieve this. You can hear anything from voice-overs of characters to sound effects for abilities and even footsteps. Each action within the game generates some form of sound. You may be able to identify the location of these movements and then swing the game to your advantage. Visit Bettergamer website for effective information on HRTF in Valorant right now. The brand new Head Related Transfer Function setting audio option in Valorant is expected to make it easier to hear your adversaries. This new feature is designed to provide a more accurate audio experience. Here's how it works and why you should enable it. What is the Head Related Transfer Function setting setting in Valorant? This setting is not important for audio that is played via speakers. The about HRTF in Valorant feature in Valorant is specifically designed to enhance the audio experience for headphone users. This feature is helpful regardless of whether you own new headphones or an old pair. HRTF provides "simulated surround sound," which allows you to better hear sound from every direction. If an enemy Sage is directly behind you, her location will sound more precise when using the HRTF setting turned on. If she then rotates around you, you'll have more of an idea of exactly where she is, thanks to the clarity of her step audio. For the time being the setting is only applicable to audio cues from Reloads, footsteps, and Deathmatch respawns, Riot has explained. But that does not mean that more improvements will not be in the future. Developers suggest that players give Head Related Transfer Function setting a few attempts. It might not work for everyone initially. However, given enough time, the more accurate 3D audio settings can have you improving at Valorant day by day. Riot recommends you to test this feature even if your headset has high-fidelity 3D audio settings. This feature requires that you disable all other 3D audio processing. HRTF's goal is to improve audio quality of Valorant. It's no longer confusing to properly track down. It is important to not allow your enemies to follow you. In the end, your experience should be improved greatly by enabling HRTF.