Designing company logos, creating company’s’ visual identity, as part of a hotel’s engineering design I was entrusted with the creation of hotel’s visual identity, along with the redesign of the hotel’s present logo. As part of an individual part time work I was entrusted with creation of visual identity for the following companies: ‘Alteransa’ English language studio, Belgrade; ‘Zoran Nedeljkovic’ wine company, Belgrade; Honey production company ‘Milorad Milosevic’ Republic of Srpska; ‘Era Stroj’ construction company During the course of my career I was able to work in both domestic and foreign markets (I lived and worked in Russia for 7 years). Together with my primary occupation of an architect I was able to do various graphic presentations as well as complete graphic solutions for companies’ identity. That is how I came to realize the esthetic and cultural power and depth of graphic design as a modern means of visual communication. I have excellent knowledge and experience with programs: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe In Design, as well as Auto CAD and Microsoft Office.