Izabela Manolova

Female | 24 years old |Bulgaria
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Artistic Photography

Izabela Manolova graduates from IVth language school - "Frederic Joliot-Curie" in 2015 with spanish and english language. She starts studying Woodcarving in the National Academy of Arts in Sofia,BG in 2015. She gets paid internship in Grozen Entertainment in 2016, working as an animator. In 2017 she goes to study Landscape Painting in the University of Granada, Spain. In 2019 she gets accepted to study VFX in the Norwich University of the Arts, UK. Her different interests create an incredibly visual style, inspired by artists like David Lynch, Tim Burton , Salvador Dali and Picasso. The Rain is her fist film, which she creates by herself, driven by the intense desire to put her inspirations in the world of cinema.
My route to art started a long time ago - around 2007.The first big thing that made an impression on me were Tim Burton's movies and particularly his way of inventing new worlds. Ever since I went through his art I realised that this is what I want to do and who I want to be. A desire was growing inside me - a desire to invent and create. Creative writing and drawing were my first dedication, which opened magical doors for me. It was back then, when I realised - anything is possible if you have imagination and a desire to do it. It was in Spain when I discovered David Lynch and his incredible visual world. The deception he was able to achieve through colours, characher development, timelines and different cinematographic tricks, deepened my passion of understanding the creating process of a fictional world, much like our own, but filled with dark mysteries and wonderful dreams. For an artist,everything depends on the devotion to the process - I think everyone with talent can become an average good artist, but also don't forget to dream big - for a person is as big as his dreams. With courage and work, I believe we can achieve anything - a perfectly maintained balance and harmony between who you are and what you do. I believe that when these two things are combined true magic is born - The Art World.