I was born on 5 December 1988. Pozarevac / Serbia.
During childhood and later attracted me a lot of different things to each other did not have anything in common. One of them is the photo. At the end of all that I was spinning around me, picked out. Maybe she chose me.

Photo I loved a long time ago, when I saw it something that "can not be seen with the naked eye," and it I started to deal with when I started getting ideas and visions that inspired me the things I've seen you around. I realized that photography is to create their own vision of exploitation of the already existing elements in the room. I especially like them in photography opportunities in post-production.
Now, wherever I turn and look at you, around you see countless photos. In any room, anywhere, always there, either obvious or hidden scenes. In everything can be seen, or find, a good photo. They are all around us, but they should be recorded.