Lora Kasabova

0 years old |Bulgaria
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I’m  a freelance creative writer, author, editor, digital artist, hobby photographer, who was born & chose to live in Bulgaria. 
Creativity for me is a harbor, but also a ship,  a ship that helps me with magical ease to cross seas and oceans and reach out to people wherever in the world their dreams have  taken them: make them smile, "touch", excite, inspire, motivate,  soothe, and make them think...
Whatever happens during this trip called LIFE, first of all, I'm trying to be a good person. I am glad that I found a wonderful teacher in the face of volunteering. One day, when I turn back, I want to know that following my life path, I was a light for one totally unknown person, a light, that  had appeared in a difficult moment in their life, helped them overcome and find the way back to themselves. 
I am extremely  happy when bits of kindness, which we succeeed to give in a team with people who were complete strangers until a few days ago, in the spirit of PARTNERSHIP, get clear outlines for someone in need, transforming into love, support, care, wing, embrace,  smile, sun, flower, bird ...