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Did you know that just 2 percent of purchases are made in the first contact? This percentage is even only 10% at the fourth contact moment. The average customer needs between 5 to 8 contact minutes before they make a purchase. These interactions form the customer experience and the customer journey differs for each client. That is why it is essential to react to this through your communications, so that potential customers get the right information at the right moment. The procedure that leads to buying is known as the sales funnel and marketing funnel. Why do I need funnels? As we mentioned in the intro, a customer requires between 5 and 8 contact moments in order to make a purchase. Is this annoying? Actually, it's the opposite! It offers opportunities to brand your business and products or service in such an approach that the consumer cannot forget you in any way. Customer journey The contact moments that lead to buying together make up the journey of the buyer. Experts and marketers have developed a variety of models to help with this however the AIDA model is the most popular. The model consists of the following elements: AIDA model Attention: The client has a certain need, is aware of it and is aware of the value of your product or service The customer begins to express interest in your products Customer's Desire: Customers need to purchase your product. Action: The customer purchases your product Each step of the model needs his individual approach and specific messages. If the client doesn't know about your product, it is absurd to advertise pricing and packages. Time and efficiency The Dakota Burford facilitates efficient distribution of leads between marketing and sales. It also saves time and is used by employees. Automated funnels ensure that your website and communications offer constant leads 24 hours a day. Marketing departments can concentrate on the communication within this funnel while the sales department can effectively spend its time by focusing on prospects that are in the final stage of the customer's journey, and therefore your funnel. Informing and providing advice Consumers, whether they are conscious or not, need to be educated and informed about the purchasing process. They want to be guided in making the right purchase. This is the place where a marketing and sales funnel can assist. It lets you show your business and products as the solution the customer wants.