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Miglena Kyulavska

Female | 35 years old |Bulgaria
Animation Film director, Graphic Designer, Artist
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Photographers Graphic Designers Painters Artists Filmmakers Videomakers Models Writers
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Drawing Photography Graphic Design Writing 3D computer graphics Fashion Design Interior Design Painting Digital Art Aerial Photography Adventure Photography Amateur Photography Artistic Photography Black & White Photograhy Copywriting Calligraphy Storyboarding Comedy Biography Wood Animals & Pets Sports Abstract Art Conceptual Art Pop Art Oil Pastel Acrylic Watercolor Ink Water Miscible Oil Paint Digital Painting Illustration Painting Retro Costume Design Product Design Animated Logos Animated Films Cartoons Computer Animation Motion Graphics Information Architecture Juggling Animal Training Balancing Wood & Furniture Drawing With Pen Drawing With Brush Still Life Illustrations Caricatures Start-up MakeUp Arts (MUA) Hair style Action Animated Online Lessons Game Design Web Design Illustration Character Design T-shirt Design Infographics Typography Visual Effects Vector Drawing Digital Collage Interior Photography War Photography
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 My name is Miglena Kyulavska. I’ve been into art since my childhood. I have graduated in Fine Arts and have recently finished my bachelor degree in Animation Cinema. Currently I am studying Graphic Design.